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  3. Bjoerge Brathagen
  4. brit
  5. RetLEO-07
    If I'm posting I'm more than likely on my phone.
  6. brit
    executive taste, tech income.
  7. Joe Ingal
    Joe Ingal
    Because of the myth of progress, it is easier to sell a man an electric razor than a straight edge one. Jacques Ellul
  8. americanshamrock
  9. alex01
    Impossible only means that you haven’t found the solution yet
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  10. RetLEO-07
    Up and at work. Too effing cold.
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  11. RetLEO-07
    Me for the goosehair. Night y'all
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  12. blashe
    blashe cliffb599
    Hey Cliff, please send me your shipping info so I can mail the razor to you tomorrow morning
  13. Marc D
    Marc D
    How do you create a new Post on the Forums
  14. Chance4e
    Feeling quixotic.
  15. NCoxSTL
    Happy New Year! 2nd Anniversary of 30 Day Thread!!
  16. John Robertson
    John Robertson Jeeves of Hudson Street
    Hope to try your soaps one day. Nice to see your a veteran owned company. Welcome to the Shave den. I have only been here a month but this is a very active forum
    1. Jeeves of Hudson Street
      Jeeves of Hudson Street
      thanks John,
      i'm enjoying myself here also, and yes this does seem to be a pretty active/easy going group compared to so many of them out there
      Jan 4, 2017
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  17. Jeeves of Hudson Street
    Jeeves of Hudson Street
    registered as a vendor!
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  18. Jeeves of Hudson Street
  19. RetLEO-07
    I'm in and out all day thanks to the wonders of an iPhone 5
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  20. americanshamrock