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  1. theguitarshaver559
    Reminder: Super Speed razors are the most famous and popular of the vintage Gillette models line.
  2. theguitarshaver559
    Getting a Gillette Super Speed Flare Tip Double Edge razor in the mail either by next week or after. So excited!
  3. Maineac
    "Well King, this case is closed."
  4. RetLEO-07
    Up and at 'em. It's a new week!
  5. Paul76
    I had my first shave without any cuts or nicks tonight! it feels like a great accomplishment.
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  6. RetLEO-07
    Off to bed. Work Week Shave in the morning. Night y'all
  7. RetLEO-07
    On my phone, watching CBB
  8. preidy
    preidy theguitarshaver559
    That's a good blade choice. I mainly used Rapira Super Stainless with my Fat Boy and Slim. I've started at 4 and worked my way to 7 and pretty much satisfied at that level.
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  9. Keithmax
    In a closed society where everybody's guilty, the only crime is getting caught.
  10. Keithmax
    In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity. Hunter S Thompson
  11. RetLEO-07
    Back on my phone and back at work.
  12. RetLEO-07
    Me for the goosehair. Too much shoveling and snowblowing for this old flatfoot. See you on the morrow.
  13. RetLEO-07
    Couple of shots of Sambuca, my recliner and unconsciousness
  14. JohnDB
    Nodding off
  15. theguitarshaver559
    Just used my Gillette Slim Adjustable on setting 3. It shaved well. Now I'm going to work my way up the dial. I used an Astra SP Blade.
  16. wchnu
    wchnu Brandon Sanders
    Hey. is my email. I mostly hang out at a little SE razor only site.
  17. Landoonie
    Will aging menthol ro stirling aftershave affect the scent? On the site it costs 50 cents mor but will it affect the scent?
  18. DaltonGang
    DaltonGang Brandon Sanders
    Welcome, introduce yourself to the Welcome Center, and post your questions. We have excellent answers.
  19. Tdmsu
    Tdmsu JR Reyes
    Happy Birthday JR!
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  20. Brandon Sanders
    Brandon Sanders
    I would like some good advice on the best process for achieving a close and smooth shave using some economical but quality products!