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  1. RetLEO-07
    If it's Tuesday, it must be work! :)
  2. Number six
  3. RetLEO-07
    Working TGIF. Pretty hot out on the pad. Sealed up 5 trucks so far
  4. Master.Legend
    Master.Legend HoosierTrooper
  5. Master.Legend
    Master.Legend HoosierTrooper
    Hey your posts are amazing. Is there a real difference between the gem damanskeene that says Brooklyn NY with lots of writing on the back vs the one that says gem cutleryvs the one that say gem and Brooklyn on the back, I know there's 3? Much appreciated.
  6. RetLEO-07
    Night-night y'all
  7. RetLEO-07
    Up and to your posts! Good morning. Gonna be another hot one here in Central NJ
  8. RetLEO-07
    Me for the goosehair. Be back at it again tomorrow. Night all.
  9. Mikey the Saint
    Mikey the Saint
    Everyone should believe in something.. I believe I'll have another cigar.
  10. RyX
    RyX americanshamrock
    I'd test another round, the first was very good.
  11. BaylorGator
    BaylorGator americanshamrock
    If you are looking for more than 1 round 2 beta testers, let me know. If not, good luck with your development and launch.
  12. Bjoerge Brathagen
  13. Spud
    Life is great.
  14. Jacobwall
    Jacobwall twhite
    Can I buy one of your bunny razors? Or are they not for sale
  15. BaylorGator
    BaylorGator blashe
    I'm interested in the synthetic for brush. What do you want for it? Anything of interest: Thayer's rose wich hazel, dax and murrays pomade, every man jack face lotion, L'Oréal overworked hair putty, Harry's shave cream and handles, Italian barber americano soap, pacific coast caffeinated shave cream, dsc shave cream, kiss my face grapefruit and assorted TOBS samples. If something excites you, let me know.
    1. blashe
      Hey sup dude, wow you got so many things that makes it hard for me to choose lol Which brush you want they are both synthetic and they are nice, wanna try them both?
      Apr 20, 2017
    2. blashe
      The IB Razorock Americano Barber is of any interest and would like to choose 1 more thing, Maybe I can send you both brushes and you send me 2 soaps, you know at least we don't get stuck on just trading 1 thing each.... I like Witch Hazel and just got the Rose and Lavender a week a go damn... Maybe also some of the samples along with the IB soap, at least I can try something different?
      Apr 20, 2017
  16. RetLEO-07
    Here we go for another week of fun and frolic in the wonderful world of corporate security!
  17. RetLEO-07
    Me for the goosehair. See ya'll later
  18. Holang-i
    Time to test out my Mac 53 shavette see how this pakistani razor compares to my other shavettes
  19. BaylorGator
    BaylorGator Norcalnewb
    Curious since you were in Chicago this week and have moos in your handle I'm wondering if you were at the Dairy/ProFood's Expo? That's where I was this week.
  20. Sassybee
    Hi Everyone!
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    2. Holang-i
      Hey there sassybee how are you doing today
      Apr 9, 2017
    3. Jorvaljr
      Welcome back
      Apr 19, 2017