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  1. alphage
    alphage Joachim
    Hello, Joachim. I am here trying out the Shave Den, and you are interesting because you are a Dane.
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    2. Joachim
      Aug 19, 2017 at 4:09 PM
  2. alphage
    alphage HolyRollah
    Let's get Holy, Holy Rollah!
  3. alphage
    alphage clint64
    Hello, Clint64. I am new, somewhat , to this place. I have nothing great to say. Have a good day!
  4. alphage
    alphage HolyRollah
    Newcreature please sign me up for the Daily Bible Verses , If you are still doing them...
  5. Amy Warner
    Amy Warner TheFiveO
    Hello. I was wondering if you still had the diamond edge? I would be interested in it.
  6. RetLEO-07
    Work is done. The weekend is nigh!
  7. RetLEO-07
  8. LSUfanBR
  9. JamesFavre
    JamesFavre LKLive13
    If you're still looking for a shave bowl I've got a nice Gwen Ottinger one I'd be willing to sell
  10. Drakethib
    I am a 45 year old Noob to Wet Shaving
  11. RetLEO-07
    If you see the green light, I'm on my phone. Rarely use the desktop.
  12. RetLEO-07
    Time to retire. Half day training at work starting at 0800. Death by PowerPoint. But there's gonna be free donuts!
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  13. RetLEO-07
    If you see the green light lit I'm on my phone
  14. RetLEO-07
    After an interesting start to my week, chillin' on the Den with my homies. Gonna hit the shower, I'LL BE BACK!
  15. Joachim
    Hey guys Im a wetshaver from Denmark i love it as my hobby.
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  16. kokaneedrinker
    Always searching
  17. Steve C
    Steve C
    Old and getting older by the minute!!
  18. RetLEO-07
    Nighty night. Me for the goosehair. 0530 comes around early.
  19. Newcreature
    Newcreature HolyRollah
    please sign me up for the Daily Bible Verses , If you are still doing them...
  20. takiaki4949