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  1. Tim Spencer
    Tim Spencer Queen of Blades
    I was wondering. I need to order more shave den shaving soap and there is an option for a container or just the soap. I already have a container from the last purchase. Will the order option for just the soap by itself fit into the old container? Anyone know?
  2. rmcintyre84
    rmcintyre84 Sara-s
    My PIF for the straight razor sanding block is closed. (I'm supposed to let one of you know, right?)
    1. Sara-s
      I am no longer moderating. But you can let one of the current mods (such as BamaSamurai or Queen of Blades know.
      Mar 18, 2018 at 1:22 PM
  3. rmcintyre84
    rmcintyre84 david of central florida
    You won the straight razor sanding block. Congrats! PM me your nam and address, and I'll get it in the mail.
  4. dees77
    Throwing out trash
  5. Paul Turner
    Paul Turner
    East Coast Guy With A West Coast State of Mind
  6. Al Ruby
    Al Ruby
    Me and my Tonka
  7. Al Ruby
    Al Ruby
    Mine Life
  8. rocksalt
    rocksalt James_P
    I am interested in your razor. Is it still available?
  9. Rio Bravo
    Rio Bravo
    I’m back. It’s been a while
  10. Weasel640
    Weasel640 Tabasco joe
    Deb, Joe,
    I was going to attempt to answer your "Vintage Caesars Razor?", since you posted it in the "Classifieds" section I cannot reply to the post. Also note that the Forum rule prohibit new users from using the "Classifieds". You must have at least 50 quality posts, and three months of usage before using the "Classifieds". Your post will likely be deleted or moved by an admin once they see it.
    1. Weasel640
      Feb 25, 2018
    2. Weasel640
      Looks like they did move it for you...
      Feb 25, 2018
  11. Ciretex
    Ciretex LevelupShaves
    Sharp Dressed man. I have a set of Gatlinburg. If you are interested in trading.
  12. RangerDoug
    Sleepin under a tree.
  13. 9nein9
    9nein9 Hirsute
    Happy Birthday!
  14. Tom Hall
    Tom Hall
    I am here trying to learn things about my late father's collection. I don't know much about any of it in terms of what to do with it.
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  15. Cshaves63
    I love wet shaving still need work on my technique but it's real fun
  16. Dominick Perone
    Dominick Perone
    2 Months into shaving with DE razors and I find I am loving it! Razors and blades becoming an addiction! HAHAHA
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  17. Scorpio
    Scorpio Queen of Blades
    Hello again. It has been a long time. Just dropped in to say hi. Hope you and your daughter are doing well. The site looks great.
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  18. Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith
    Smiley or straight?
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  19. 45auto
    45auto HolyRollah
    Is it to late to be added?
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  20. Rev579
    "Never argue with a guy holding a razor." -Calvin
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