A Wet Shaver's Revelation

Discussion in 'Articles' started by tomnat, Jun 21, 2012.

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    A little help guys. A search for "three finger tip grip" has given me nothing in this forum. Google is no help either. Can someone explain, or please point me in the proper direction to read about this. Thanks in advance. Great article BTW. I still don't have anything to contribute, but I feel I am exactly where you were back when you started here.
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    I have never heard of "three finger grip" related to shaving.

    Baseball, perhaps?
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    Nice job, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Enjoy your shave.
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  6. Bristle Me

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    I know the single finger "Thank You" for those who change lanes without signaling,
    but I didn't know there was a three finger grip for DE razors.

    Excellent writing Tom!
  7. flaxton

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    I have been shaving for forty years. Only been wet shaving for a week. It's like starting to shave from scratch. Amazing how different it is from using a safety razor. Thanks for all the help from you guys. Never too old to learn new things.
  8. AFWoody

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    Great post, Tom!
  9. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Sad, but we haven't seen Tom since May 2014
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    Great write up! Very introspective and yet full of situations which I recognize in my own shaving experiences. This sir is a UNIVERSAL post. Thank you :signs107:
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  11. Paul Turner

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    funny, I immediately thought "three-finger fastball" before seeing the word "baseball" in your post.
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    I know this is an old post, but it is a good one to bring back up on occasion. It can serve as a reminder, as he said to newbie and veteran alike, that the information provided in posts can make a difference. The posts that I read, especially over on the 30 Day Thread where people detail their experiences, their trials and tribulations, what works and what doesn't really helps me as a relative newbie figure out what I am doing wrong and what I can try to make things better. Comments made that were not in direct response to questions, or suggestions offered just in response to an issue I had with a shave, are frequently the best tools for learning. As @Robyflexx indicated this IS a UNIVERSAL post and I am glad it was brought back out!
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    A nice article written from the heart.. Nicely done...

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