Aqua Velva mouthwash?

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  1. sffone

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    I just came across this interesting tidbit: Aqua Velva was originally introduced as an alcohol-based mouthwash for men in 1929 by the JB Williams Company (later acquired by GlaxoSmithKline).
  2. faster_than_u

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    Yes, yes it was and listerine was an aftershave/antiseptic
  3. jfever311

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    Listerine is a darn good AS splash. Learned that when I was just a kid.
  4. and did not say the best ... during World War II American soldiers were accustomed to "drink" water Velva, because 'he had a high alcohol content! to avoid using food, water produced in Velva put an element that could prevent ingestion ... but it seems science fiction and 'truth'!
  5. Alan

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    Yes, my father told me during the war the juicers would drink AV because they couldn't get any other alcohol.

    Alan in AZ
  6. faster_than_u

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    If you tried that now I think you would puke if you could even swallow it. Bittering agent just sounds gross
  7. paydepst

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    Aach! Scary! Don't think I would give that a go but surely when it was marketed as that it didn't have the bittering agent.
  8. faster_than_u

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    no it wasnt until around the 50's that it got bitter
  9. olblueyez

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    The drink of choice when no spirits were available was mouthwash.
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    Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but I thought I would help clear up the mouthwash myth. Aqua Velva actually kicked off in 1920/1921 as an after shave. Here is a picture of my 1921 sample bottle which has no mention of a mouth wash and a picture of my mid 20s full size bottle which I use to decant modern AV. Also is the 1921 ad for the sample I have.


    By chrissimmonds at 2011-11-18

    By chrissimmonds at 2011-11-22
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    Excellent posting and again welcome aboard!
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    Wow, great bottles. Have never seen AV bottles that old before. NICE!

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