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    I remember shaving with the Atra when it first came out, and I shaved with it until its successor, the Sensor, came on the scene. I have long since lost the original handle, but today at a flea market I found a replacement. It is an X4 which is the year and quarter of my second son, Tim. I got it cleaned up and put a blade on it. I may even take it for a spin sometime in November.


    I actually picked up three "razors" today. I got a wooden handle Trac II, the Atra, and a Slim. This picture is before the clean up. The Atra was actually in pretty good shape. I cleaned it and polished it with little effort.

    X4 means fourth quarter of 1977. 1977 was also the year the Atra was first introduced. This makes this a very special razor for me. I actually liked the Atra back in the day. Atra_x4_03.JPG

    After the cleaning.

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    Good score there Jim..:happy088: I recently tried out one of those generic Atra-Track II compatible carts on an old Atra handle had lying around and, though not quite as good for me as a DE, that one wasn't bad. Think that refill is made by Personna...
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    Congrats Jim! :happy088:

    Please post after photos of your other two "finds" when you can. I'm curious to see how good that Slim will look after some TLC.
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    That wooden GII handle is lovely looking as well!
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    I have one exactly like the one you just found, looks a lot newer than mine. I bought mine at least 20 yrs. ago. Still works great for an array of different jobs. I haven`t used it in awhile so, as you know I have most of them in a PIF. I`m having to clear out my den because of my tremors. I`m hoping to still use my personna flex head injector. It takes the Gillette Twinjector as well as the Trac II Twin injector, none of my other injectors will. Kudos for your find, Bill
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    There is something about the geometry of the Atra that doesn't agree with my face. I can use the Trac II with no problem but the Atra just doesn't achieve the correct shave angle for me. I suspect the head is too narrow for a pivoting razor.
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