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Discussion in 'Shave Creams' started by gorgo2, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    Of late I've been having such great luck with the Barb that it's been weeks since I put brush to soap. SE, DE, injector or cart, doesn't matter, I get fine results and I know I'm not the only one. ;) Let's hear from you all who enjoy the canned goodness.
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  2. ironthinker

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    I would guess a few more, but I'll bet most won't admit to canned only. Their are many like me who do both can and various soaps with a brush,depending on mood and situation. However I've never heard of any of us liking canned that comes out of the can like a green slime, like "Edge", as their only.

    The one thing we all agree on is that we are all different in likes and dislikes.
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  3. Bama Samurai

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    Barbasol Brotherhood
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  4. Carbide Mike

    Carbide Mike 9 Lives

    Always keep a can around. I like it. ! :)
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  5. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

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  6. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    I think I'll be switching back to Barbasol, from the Noxema Aloe&Lanolin I had. I figure I already have 2 Lanolins(shave soap), presumably a 3rd with an order I plan to make next month). Back to the essentials for me, can-wise...nothing fancy. Good partner for my Rise.
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