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    Sampler pack with 2 instead of 5 each...

    I have only been wet shaving for about 2 months. I started with a sampler pack (from amazon) that had 22 blades and 2 each. I am only about 1/2 way through the different blades (1/4 way throught the whole pack). I shave 4-6 days a week. If I purchased the pack with 5 blades each, I would have a lot of blades left over to trade or something.

    Most blades have been middle of the road so far - 3-4 shaves each, and decent to good shaves. Only 2 blades so far were done after one shave - iritated my face for a couple of days!

    Most of the blades are ones mentioned frequently, there were only a few missing that I traded for with some a friend. He liked one of the blades I only shaved with once! My friend bought the pack with 5 each and has a stack of blades to trade that he won't shave with. hmm...
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    Revisiting blades once you have your technique down is pretty widely advised, and not bad advice in my opinion.
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    I wish I'd found this thread before ordering my 100 pack! Although, maybe we need to create a sharing thread! We could list what we have to share, and what we would LIKE to SHARE. Then send each other a 5 pack of them. For example, since I have a 100 pack of the Sharks, and would like to try some Feathers, someone with the Feathers could swap out with me if they'd like to try the Sharks...basically for the cost of a stamp. What's your thoughts?

    JoAnna, are you also on the forum?
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    I'm about to order the Popular Sample Pack from Connaught.. It has all the basic popular blades in there, like:

    Astra Superior Platinum (5)
    Crystal / Super + Platinum ‘Israeli Personna’ (10)
    Derby Extra (5)
    Feather New Hi-Stainless (10)
    Gillette 7 o’clock Sharp Edge (5)
    Personna Platinum Chrome (10) - ‘Red Personna, Israeli Reds’
    Wilkinson Sword Double Edge (5)

    Would this be the best choice for me, considering I'm somewhat of a newbie?
  5. swarden43

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    The largest sample pack you can fit into your budget is the best choice for you.

    Yes, that would work. You should find at least one blade in there you'll like.
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    No, I'm not. Why? :confused:
  8. Throughpoint

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    That would be amazing, but unfortunately I live in the UK. :(
    I'm torn between the starter pack I listed above and the TSD one. I think I'll go with the one I listed as its a lot cheaper (shipped from the UK), and has most of the standard ones in there.
  9. Woodmaker

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  10. stingraysrock

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    It is only a few cents more to ship to the UK.. no big deal to me...I ship overseas regularly.

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  12. John Janoch

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    I will be looking into a sampler so I can figure out what works best for me
  13. m_conley

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    Thanks for posting links to different sample packs. I'll be ordering one soon. I love the trading idea. I bought 100 Crystal Super+ Platinum that I'm maybe 9 blades into.
  14. m_conley

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    Just browsing Amazon and found a sample pack I thought I'd share the link to. Currently selling for $19.95 it's a 60 Best Blade Sampler.
    It has:
    • 5 FEATHER Hi-Stainless (Japan)
    • 5 BLUEBIRD (Europe)
    • 5 DERBY (Turkey)
    • 5 ASTRA Superior Stainless (Russia)
    • 5 ASTRA Superior Platinum (Russia)
    • 5 Super-Max Platinum (India)
    • 5 Super-Max Stainless (India)
    • 5 TRIG Silver Edge Stainless (Pakistan)
    • 5 7 O'clock Super Stainless (Russia)
    • 5 7 O'clock Super Platinum (Russia)
    • 5 GOAL Stainless (India)
    • 5 TREET Platinum (Pakistan)

    Only 3 of these blades seem to overlap with the Shaving Den 33 blade sampler.

    If you buy both you could try out 20 different blades. I may go this route myself. It may be overkill, but I like the idea of trying allot of blades. If I do I'll keep a journal.

  15. John Janoch

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    I bought the pack off TSD to get me started. I might not have as much variety but since I am just starting out I don't need too much confusion on a cloudy issue
  16. Mechguy

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    I had the big ben blue wrapper (believe it was stainless steel) and I liked them alot. They worked very well with my slim adjustable and milord razors. I found them to be pretty close to the Lord Platinum and the ASTRA SP blades. I burned through my sample pack and have not reordered them yet, but I see at least one vendor who caries them. Maybe I should get off my but and take care of that.
  17. saturnine

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    My apologies for the extremely belated reply, but I would like to fully endorse Big Ben blades. After over a year of shaving experience, these are my go to blades. I prefer them over many other popular blades such as Astra Platinum, Derby & Dorco. Sharps would be 2nd to Big Ben for me. I was very unhappy with the Treets (brown package) you sent me - they rusted under my razor (not your fault but I will never buy Treets).

    I just ordered a 100 pack of Big Ben & this will be my 2nd refill of them, after a 30 pack. I still need to try Feathers, however.
  18. Merkur Malloy

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    US-made blades are best.
  19. jbraman

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    how many blades of one kind should a newb try?
  20. swarden43

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    3-5. You'll probably know after three blades. The others will only confirm.

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