Gillette Adjustable DE Razors - A Complete Photo

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by GlennConti, Mar 10, 2017.

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    Well, i think pretty much anything, slides better in a teflon coated pan than in a steel pan. I am a bit of a cook myself and this is rather obvious. With the added problem that the steel pan does its best to have a smooth surface, while a blade being pointy, inevitably becomes more scratchy.

    Yes, sorry, friction! Unfortunately i don't know all terms in english and i find it boring to have to go to google translator everytime. Here friction is "attrito", from which i imagine english made "attrition". Why you finally decided to use "friction" instead, i don't know...
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    It's by way of French, from the Latin frictio, from older latin - fricare, to rub. (a rubbing down, or rubbing off)

    Attrition comes from a similar word. - attritio - which means 'a rubbing against'. Still 'to rub'.

    Stranger still is the spanish disfrazar, which means 'to dress up', as in costume. It's ALSO from the 'fricare', 'to rub'.

    It may be that the 'attritio' and 'frictio' are similar to 'rub' and 'chafe'.

    English doesn't just borrow from other languages. It mugs them in dark alleys and rummages in their pockets for loose grammar.

    Enormously flexible, easy to learn the basics to get by (150-200 words?), but can be extremely complicated in the details because you have to learn how lots of different languages used the words - at the same time.
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    Now that you mention it, lubricate in italian is lubrificare. Yeah, too many details in english for me...
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    It showed up today. It is nickle indeed.

    It was incredibly dirty. At first, I was a little disappointed the barrel stopped at 3. Come to find out, the inside was caked with soap. Once I cleaned it pretty well, it works 1-9 just fine. That head design lends itself to accumulating crud in places you can't see or access well.

    One interesting thing, the black rings you used to push you toward nickle.... Well, they aren't black at all. It looks like base brass. I'll send a photo when I get to a PC to resize it.

    I'm very pleased with it. It needs fresh nickle. It has exposed brass on 2 or 3 of the 6 base connection points. A good addition to my collection for sure. It will be fun getting it fixed up.

    I may see if Murphy will disassemble for me. Until then, I'll never be confident all of the crud is out of the inside.
  5. Bookworm

    Bookworm Well-Known Member

    Does @Captain Murphy have a set fee schedule for disassembly and adjustment, or it's just based on the job?
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  6. LOOT

    LOOT Well-Known Member

    I dunno, but I'll find out.

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  7. LOOT

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    PS. Pipe cleaners get in all those places. Mine came out Clean so I may be good there.

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    I saw an interesting eBay listing for a Fatboy earlier today. The title listed it as a "Fat Handle Dial-A-Matic".

    Obviously, it comes from a much more interesting reality than this one.
  9. Bookworm

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    At least they didn't label it as "Chrome rotating cutting tool vintage dial silver gillette"
  10. GlennConti

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    That black ring is brass? Interesting. Will be nice to see a photo. There is a trick on Bottom Dials that may work on your razor to help clean the Adjustment Dial. Turn the dial to "9", open the Silo Doors, compress the Base Plate down with your thumb. It should be springy. This should allow you to spin or "over-clock" your Adjustment Dial. It will give you more access to the area under the dial and allow you to clean it better with something like Scrubbing Bubbles. Should be a pretty safe procedure.
  11. LOOT

    LOOT Well-Known Member

    Here you go. The rings look like brass, but I doubt it is. Copper in brass will patina. There was no green patina prior to cleaning. It was black.

    It is also interesting the adjustment dial appears to be matte...just like the gold counterparts.

    I don't have my D1 gold toggle to check, but this mechanism has a distinct "click" to it that I don't remember. When open, the toggle rotates fairly smooth until the head first makes contact. With additional force it then "clicks" before rotating completely to close the doors. The head rotates very, very little ...Clicks...then you get the resistance of the spring. That click in the mechanism is distinct?

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    Captain Murphy is a hard guy to track down. I finally used Chris Evatt at RazorPlate to get me his e-mail. I'm keeping my fingers crossed CAP does my Toggles. Chris has stopped doing Toggles all together and CAP is trying to do the same, so I'm told. I've had an appointment with Chris for months to do my gold toggle. He has promised my nickle and gold will be the last 2 he does! How cool would it be if CAP's last 2 were mine as well? The 2 best craftsmen in the industry finishing on my pieces? That would be incredible.

    My gold one may not need to be disassembled for plating but if 1 gets the treatment, I'll have both done. Cost be damned.

    So...bad news for Toggle owners. I will be out of the Toggle game unless I spend the money for one in pristine condition, which I doubt. I will not allow any other plater to touch any of my pieces because I know what will happen top them. The good news is Chris is still plating the other varieties.

    Once I get CAP on the line, I'll ask about his pricing structure for other razor types. Hopefully, it will only take a couple days.
  13. GlennConti

    GlennConti Well-Known Member


    Just went for $532.99 on eBay (232299801068). Yours is nicer. Good job!
  14. LOOT

    LOOT Well-Known Member

    I was watching that one. I think I did good too. I'll have less than that in a better than new version touched by 2 master craftsman. I'm excited.

    What do you think about the brass colored rings instead of black? Is that normal?
  15. GlennConti

    GlennConti Well-Known Member

    I have seen that before. I think it is just how some of those rings would wear. Oh on my links page if you click on Captain Murphy's icon it is his email address. If you ever lose it again.
  16. LOOT

    LOOT Well-Known Member

    Thank you sir.
  17. LOOT

    LOOT Well-Known Member

    Glenn... With a collection like yours, it would interesting to know what is in your current rotation. Care to share?

    A picture is worth a 1000 words :)
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  18. GlennConti

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    Ha ha... So here it is. Notice I save time not mixing my own lather. I find Barbasol in my prep works just as well as Proraso Green (which I have tons of too). For me, a shave-before-I-shower guy, proper moisturization on my face for a good period of time is key, not so much the cream. Favorite AS is the DR Harris Windsor, but I like others too and even use Clubman many days a month (not pictured). There is some Nivea AS Balm for the days when I take off too much skin with the beard (best trick - take the beard only, not the skin.) My own mix of preshave oil. 50% EVOO - 50% Castor oil and a dash of eucalyptus oil (only use on the days when I want to go ATG.) Okay, now for the razors. Left to right. Gillette #58, Gillette Fatboy, Gillette Red Tip, Gillette Single Ring, Gillette Aristocrat Slim, iKon DLC Slant w/ SS Handle, Wolfman Dual Comb, Eskimo Blue Lapis Modified Progress. Then not in the test tube rack (the rack is from England and was made and used in the 1800's), I have a Schick Adjustable Injector (For close up under the nose when the Fatboy doesn't get it all.) A couple of Badger hair brushes for when I have the time to use them (this is also a prep step I can cut without effecting the quality of the shave much.) My favorite blades are the Lord Platinum Class from Egypt and Kai from Japan when I want to spend 4 times as much for a shave. Next up for test is the new Derby Premium blades - just got 100 in yesterday. So, that's about it. I tried to fill in the blanks, but you get the picture. Most days I go for a CCS or DFS, depending on what I did the day before.

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  19. LOOT

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    Very nice. Thanks for sharing. I gotta say, I'm surprised there aren't more adjustables! No Red Dot? No Toggle?

    Be sure and let us know what you think of the Derby's.

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