Half bad shave today.

Discussion in 'Shave School' started by jbraman, Jan 19, 2012.

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    So this morning I shaved with the same razor/blade combo (merkur 34c with big Ben blue)I've been using. I put in a fresh blade and whipped palmolive lather shave cream. The shave sucked. I prepped the same way, shaved the same directions, etc, it just sucked. Left nicks all along my jawline which is usually the place I don't have any issues. All this on the morning of a very important promotion interview. Ugh. I'm not sure what changed but I'm just venting. Other than a couple cuts here and there, I've been getting dang close to bbs. I even learned how to go over the moles without cutting them. You may remember my first shave where I cut them pretty bad. I'm going to finish my 3 blade trial of the blades then move on to another model. So far I've had the opportunity to try several soaps and freaks and I'm hooked in general. Thanks for listening...
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    Sometimes you just get a bad blade, scrap the blade, cut your losses (no pun intended) and pick a different blade. I have changed blades in the middle of a shave a couple of times.

    I have some blades that are pretty rough for the fist shave, but after that they get better. If this is the case I find hand stropping the blade to be effective.

    I have a couple of rough shave's the past month with blade razor combinations that have always worked for me, so its not unheard of. I found the big ben blue blades were always good for me in the any of the Gillette's that I had.
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    ^^^ What he said

    I also have to confess that a couple of times early on when I had an important event on and did NOT want to nick myself I was unconsciously 'tightening up' during the shave and my technique went to pot. If this happens again you can also try stopping, taking a couple of deep breaths to relax and calm yourself and start again. Sounds a little girlie but it worked for me!

    I feel your pain and acknowledge your rant thought too :angry032:
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    Thats a real good point as well. My last bad shave had a couple of factors and the last one was that I looked at the clock and said man I'm running late I better hurry up. I actually cut myself on my chin, and it bled for half the day.
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    I feel for you, man. Sometimes it just happens. And why does it always happen when you have something important to do?? I agree with Mechguy in that sometimes you get a bad blade and you just have to toss it, get yourself a new one, and move on. Try a new blade and see if that was the problem. Let us know.
  6. macaronus

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    Yeah, that. Though it's especially difficult to stop and relax when you're uptight.
    Hope you still got that promotion! Best of luck!
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    You know most of the people on these site will tell you it's all technique! Wrong if anything it's 75% materials. If you're getting a bad shave ; stop right away and chg the blade. If it's still bad then chg the brand. Then the razor. Then , may be they're right and you just don't know how to shave!
    Remember to keep your face wet!
  8. Shayne Redfearn

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    everyone has some great thoughts here but here is something else, make sure your lather is properly made. if it is dry you are not going to get any lubrication or cushion and can easily get some nicks :) hope it helps
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