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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Col C, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Col C

    Col C Well-Known Member

    See below email stream. I have deleted the vendor's name and other personal information. I had ordered 1000 blades spread out over 6 different brands. You need to read starting at the bottom for the sequence. Yyyyyy is me and Xxxxx is the vendor.


    Certainly you may replace the order.

    We deal with fraud all the time and bulk blades are some of the most commonly attempted items to purchase fraudulently. Honestly we were just looking for some kind of response via email to verify you were a real person :)


    On , wrote:


    I apologize for not getting right back to you. I notice the order was cancelled and my credit card was refunded the full amount. As for the order, it is (or was) correct. I have recently returned to wet shaving with double edge blades. I just finished a 4 month test of some 30 different blades (see photo of one such test) and the ones I ordered are my top ranked (in my opinion) blades. I felt the order was not really that large. As for "what do you use them for" - I shave with them. I don't mean to be sarcastic, but I expected the order to be filled. I only use any single blade for a couple shaves then replace it. I will be storing them in such a way that they will remain in new condition for as long as it takes me to use them. I expect prices to go up in the coming years so why not save some money by buying now - especially since I know what I like. There is also the danger that some blades will go out of production. The Polsilver Super Iridium (on the order list) is supposedly one such blade, where production ceased back in September - per a number of internet sources.

    I trust this answers your questions. So now what? Do I reorder or do I need to go to another vendor?


    Yyyyyy Yyyyyyyyy

    > -------Original Message-------
    > From: Xxxxxxxxx
    > To: Yyyyy
    > Subject: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Order #
    > Sent:
    > Hey Yyyyy,
    > Xxxxxxx from Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx here. If I could have a quick second of
    > your time to talk about your order as I noticed this is a pretty large
    > order of blades. We like to follow up with customers and make sure you
    > actually meant to order as many blades as you did. If this was in fact
    > how many blades you meant to order, what do you use all of them for if
    > you don't mind me asking?
    > Thanks for your time.
    > Respectfully,
    > Xxxxxxx
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  2. Jayaruh

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  3. lightcs1776

    lightcs1776 Well-Known Member

    I only order in blocks of 100. While I haven't heard of this happening to others, I also haven't seen folks order so many at once, typically no more than 200 at a time. I think 400 was the largest I have seen anyone say they ordered.

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  4. RaZorBurn123

    RaZorBurn123 waiting hardily...............

    Have you bought from this vendor before? I think cancelling the order is way to much, a simple email would have verified that you indeed ordered the amount stated. Live and learn.
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  5. mrchick

    mrchick Odd, Terrible Avatar

    I'm reading that they did send him an email, and did not get an immediate response, so they cancelled the order. Maybe I'm reading it wrong.
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  6. RaZorBurn123

    RaZorBurn123 waiting hardily...............

    Sure enough :) anytime a vendor/retailer wants to reach out and make sure an order is legit, I'm cool with that.
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  7. Col C

    Col C Well-Known Member

    I had not ordered from the vendor before. They sent the email but before I responded and they had already cancelled the order and refunded my credit card. I just thought it was interesting as I had never had this happen before. I order many items in bulk for my other hobby which is competitive shooting. Many times ordering far more than anyone would be expected to use right away - primarily to take advantage of availability and pricing. No vendor has ever questioned an order. Wasn't sure if this is something that happens in the wet shaving world.
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  8. '65 G-Slim

    '65 G-Slim Well-Known Member

    "bulk blades are some of the most commonly attempted items to purchase fraudulently."

    That's a new one for me.
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  9. Col C

    Col C Well-Known Member

    That's why I posted this. Not having ordered bulk blades before - I thought that maybe such "fraudulent" purchases are an issue. Just seemed strange to me.
  10. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

    If I were going to defraud someone, I'd be buying a car or a vacation, not blades.
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  11. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    C.Y.A on the part of the Vendor. Perfectly understandable considering the larger that average quantity. You may have hesitated long enough in your response that it alerted them to a fraud like issue. Credit and identity theft happens.
    Now that you've communicated and explained your reasons for the large order, you ought to get better than average service from the vendor.
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  12. Col C

    Col C Well-Known Member

    I may reorder but this time double the order to 2000 blades and see what happens. Actually I have already placed the same order with a different vendor who is happily filling and shipping it.
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  13. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    1000 blades for me would last 19 years and three months!
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  14. Matt0210

    Matt0210 Well-Known Member

    I can appreciate the fact that the vendor emailed to make sure the order was legit. BUT, 1000 blades is no more than maybe $150? Seems kinda drastic to cancel the order outright. I think it's smart to order that many blades because sooner or later the price WILL go up.
  15. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    Very interesting indeed!

    If it's a mom and pop vendor, maybe they've been burned recently and they're being too cautious now.
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  16. Col C

    Col C Well-Known Member

    $209.05 to be exact. That included a couple hundred Polsilver Super Iridium which were expensive, but everyone keeps saying they are out of production so I decided to be safe and stock up while available. They are my top rated blade. Most of the blades are so inexpensive why not buy in bulk - save money and get free shipping. Still 1000 blades just does not seem like a lot to me. I, as many of us do, have more soaps than I will ever use and still plan on buying more. Its all part of the addiction/fun of this hobby. I bet there are folks in The Shave Den that have far more than 1000 blades.
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  17. Col C

    Col C Well-Known Member

    It was a major vendor. I could see if a certain blade was getting short in their inventory where they might want to limit any one purchase to allow others to buy as well. That was not the case here - or at least they didn't say so. Doesn't matter - the blades are coming from another vendor without any hassle.
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  18. Matt0210

    Matt0210 Well-Known Member

    Very true. I know a guy on the B&B forum that has 10,000 blades, so a 1000 is not that crazy. But you'll always be able to use those blades so your not losing anything. You could always trade them out if you feel like it's too many. I still think it's smart to buy blades in bulk because if anything is going to increase in price it's the blades. I think it's funny they asked what your going to use them for lol. What else would you use them for other than shaving? There are straights and brushes that cost more than you paid for those blades too.
  19. Col C

    Col C Well-Known Member

    I would have been fine with them double checking the order. It was in fact the comment "....what do use them for" that got to me. It really is none of their business. I bought several hundred nails at the local hardware store the other day and was not questioned as to what I was going to use them for.
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  20. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

    I wonder if it wasn't to check that it wasn't an order for some Emo kid to cut himself OR some sicko to harm others. I know at least one major vendor requires that an adult sign for the delivery for essentially that reason.
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