How do you do wet shave travel?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Fly2High, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. '65 G-Slim

    '65 G-Slim Well-Known Member

    Last time I flew was 2003, into/out of Atlanta from Austin/Bergstrom. Only bright spot was on the flight back home, the guy next to me bought me a $5 beer.
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  2. PickledNorthern

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    I have not been on a plane since 1989. I never say never, but I have no intention of ever getting on one again.
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  3. jwr3265

    jwr3265 Active Member

    Very simple. Throw what you want into your dop kit and check your bag.

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  4. John Beeman

    John Beeman Well-Known Member

    I just returned from a short trip so this is interesting. I suppose I should read all of the responses before answering but here goes:

    -Yes, you need to check blades. You might be able to carryon cartridges but I'm assuming you're asking about DE/SE. You'll also want to check your razor in case they don't know what it is and you end up handing it over to TSA. If you take a disposable cartridge razor you can have it in your carryon.

    -I take all of the toiletries I normally use except in smaller amounts and smaller packages.

    -My PSO is already in fairly small bottles but I tend to grab the little ShaveSecret PSO to throw in the dopp kit. I love samplers so soaps/creams/aftershaves etc. are generally sample sizes. My witch hazel is already in small spritzer bottles so I just grab one or two of those.

    -I have a leather razor holder.

    -I use a toilet paper roll core.

    -I keep a complete kit including razor at a family member's home that I travel to every year or so (and plenty of clothing). That makes it easy to travel with only a carryon. I have also sent things ahead on other trips if possible because I don't like hauling luggage.
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  5. Eeyore

    Eeyore Well-Known Member

    That is sensible when you stay at one place for a longer time, but not when your travel looks like mine often does, e.g. Denmark on Monday, Sweden Tuesday and Wednesday, UK on Thursday, and then flying home (only to travel to Spain the next week).

    I only check bags when I stay somewhere for four days or more. Otherwise it's not worth the wait for me.
  6. John Beeman

    John Beeman Well-Known Member

    The whole bag check thing is certainly problematic.

    This last little trip I just returned from was short but I was someplace different every day. I didn't want (or need) to have more than a carryon but every shave with the disposal cartridge razor I used made me very homesick for my den.

    I'm sure if I had to travel like you do on a regular basis then I'd need to find a better cartridge razor than the one I used the past few days.
  7. Eeyore

    Eeyore Well-Known Member

    I use either a G2 (Trac II) or Contour (Atra). Both are very decent shavers with the right cartridges.

    Actually I find the limitations in soaps and aftershaves plus colognes more frustrating than having to use a twin blade cartridge razor.
  8. John Beeman

    John Beeman Well-Known Member

    You're not alone.

    Even though I've got a drawer full of enough samplers to last me for a year; I have a heck of a time choosing just a few to take on a short trip.

    I've probably got fifteen cologne sample spritzers, fifteen aftershave samplers, thirty soap/cream samplers, plus empty sample containers that let me have anything in my den but I can't seem to pick which few to limit myself to without feeling anxious.

    Nothing like being addicted ...
  9. mvillezcas

    mvillezcas Member

    This is how I fly with a carry-on:

    1. Gillette Superspeed
    2. No DE blades, I just buy some when I arrive at my destination
    3. Small Omega Boar Brush
    4. Soap Stick (using La Toja right now)
    5. 2 oz. container of after shave splash
    6. 2 oz. container of after shave balm
    7. Thayers moist pads
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  10. Eeyore

    Eeyore Well-Known Member

    Do you have time for that?

    On most trips my time is only spent in the airport, taxis, customer locations, and hotels. Sightseeing (when it comes to that) is limited to the evenings, when most shops are closed.
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  11. Rusty blade

    Rusty blade The Good Humor Man

    I generally travel light, so my shaving kit is simple: A Schick Type G, an Omega boar brush, and usually Nivea Original shave cream and one soap, eg Cella. I also take a travel size bottle of Witch Hazel and an ASB. I always check my bags when I fly...I can't stand fighting for overhead compartment space with everyone else.
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  12. mvillezcas

    mvillezcas Member

    Yes, I make time. It creates the opportunity to go see what shaving shops are local. Plus, I hate checking in bags.
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  13. Eeyore

    Eeyore Well-Known Member

    True ... unfortunately my schedule often does not allow that.

    Besides, on a four day trip to three different countries, it would mean finding three shops

    Like I said; having to use a twin blade cartridge razor is not that much pain for me. The limitations on liquids, creams, and even hard soaps are much more annoying.
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  14. jsw41

    jsw41 Member

    If you can get them, Bic Metal single blade razors will give me 7-10 great shaves.
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  15. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    I do not travel by air much. So I am able to keep my kit in my bag with blades usually. If I do need to fly I will mail a few blades to where I go. I use either a Gem G3 which is a WWII military set for the 1912 or a WWI set with a short handle 1912. I take along a container of Williams usually with a Omega travel boar that has it's own cover. Here is a pic of the G3 set up.
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  16. EnglishChannel

    EnglishChannel Well-Known Member

    Recently took a weekend trip, and grabbed a new but unused Rimei razor from my inventory to use. I bought it years ago for less than $4, just because I read that they were a replica of the Gillette tech.

    Took a partially used Williams puck and used the Rimei blade that came with it. What a GREAT shave!

    A sample size of British Sterling Black AS & balm plus a sample of Pinaud Vanilla for layering.

    Very nice!
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  17. DRIVER_B

    DRIVER_B Member

  18. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    All my flights are international, Korea is small and usually fly on one of the two national carriers. Korea is famous for an expression 'palli palli' which means quickly quickly. The result of this these two airlines get the luggage out fast in order to prevent riots. So I always check a bag.

    My travel set up is a horse hair brush in a tube. A stick of Arko and an Ikon SB. I'm still not as cool as @mrchick and don't travel with my straights but on longer trips I bring along my CJB. Sometimes I will also bring along a puck of QCS Vostok.
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  19. mrchick

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  20. DRIVER_B

    DRIVER_B Member

    Just picked up a 10 pack. I like the idea of still utilizing my safety razor technique on the road when I don't feel like going to the trouble of sending blades ahead for a quick trip.

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