How long does one blade for Gillette Fusion last?

Discussion in 'Cartridge Razors' started by venom0706, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. J.F. Martin

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    If you're worried about keeping the cost down, I recommend trying alternatives to the latest Gillette. The mach 3 can be found cheaper, and you could even try bic's. bic razors are around 20 cents each.
  2. Omaney

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    And buying direct from Dorco is even less. Google Dorco and you'll find the same carts as DSC and get a years supply for half. I've got 12 carts remaining from my pre conversion to DE just sitting around. These are comparable to Fusion at a price point that won't clear the bank accounts.

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    I would have to say a Fusion (manual) cartridge lasts me 4 shaves. It does not cut well, tugs, shaves feel painful (specially due to tugging) and to get a decent/proper shave i need to give it 4 passes: WTG, XTG (East to West), XTG (West to east) and finally ATG - basically im peeling a thin layer of skin off my face as i can feel the pain and stinging sensation. Only after I have done that i can feel my face smooth as a babys butt :)

    Just realised, after 4 shaves the green strip is almost white - no wonder the pain, tugging, etc,
    time for a change now. I think next time i will throw away the cartridge after 3 shaves so i wont feel it being nasty
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  4. J.F. Martin

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    I tried one out a few weeks back and here's my report. I'll probably do this again and be a little more thorough and accurate.

    I can say that the typical gillette tugging and grabbing of the face was there, but the blades seemed to be sharper and cut better than I remember previous gillettes being. The first few shaves went well. after around 4-5 shaves the perfomance started to diminish. Shaves became more uncomfortable and annoying. the blade was "usable" up to around ~7 shaves for me and that was it.

    Gillette actually claims a month of shaves out of each cartridge on their amazon page, and chargers around $4 per individual cartridge.

    Like I said I will give it another go, and go into more detail. Next time will most likely be the last time.
  5. 178-bplatoon

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    I've never used a fusion, only a trac2 as 2 blades were bad enough! Cart prices for what you get are crazy to me. When I used the Trac2 I'd get store branded carts, not sure who made them, but they cost about $5-$6 for a pack of 10. I'd force 4-5 uncomfortable shaves out of one of them. So basically I was paying "OVER" top dollar in DE prices for a "VERY" subpar cart shave. Now I pay "WAY" less than a dollar for a months worth of actually close and comfortable shaves and I'm throwing away "ALOT" less trash. :happy088:
  6. Uncle Brian

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    I used a Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide Power for 43 bbs before I felt it was time to change out the blade. I tried it with the power turned off and decided that it was less efficient at cutting my whiskers, I did this by shaving different sides of my face, while the power felt better and more efficient the result seemed the same.
    I'm trying out a Sensor at the moment and the razor seems more aggressive and the blades don't seem to last as long, still too early to be sure. I have had irritation from the razor as the blades reach the end of their life, something I never got with the Fusion and only got with the Mach3 if I used a blade that was all used up. I think I can get around 35 bbs from a Mach3.
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  7. J.F. Martin

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    excellent results. did you ever skip a day or 2?
  8. tuxxdk

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    And here I sit with a mileage of 6 tops on a Mach3... Hehe
  9. Uncle Brian

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    When I did the longevity test on the blades I did miss a day here and there once it was 3 days. Shaving is a little harder as the hair gets longer and I did experience some tugging.
  10. Boojum1

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    Probably as long as you keep using it. :happy097:
  11. Shriike

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    I'd get about a week before I started noticing some problems and about a month before it was severe about three months before it was unacceptable
  12. Mister Fizz

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    SWARDEN43 is absolutely correct. Your own face will answer your question. I imagine that, since March 28, 2014, your face has undoubtedly provided the answer you sought in this forum on that date. I've been shaving with the same Gillette Fusion Manual blade cartridge now for nearly 2½-years. After a lifetime of mixed feelings about the Razor - Razor Blade marketing model - intrigue and just plain trapped - I decided to test something I'd always suspected. Here's what I did...

    I'd been shaving with disposables (BIC image below) for years. They were dirt cheap. I could pick 'em up at Walmart for pennies. Bought 'em in huge discount bags. Didn't mind throwing them away after just a couple of shaves. Shaved in the shower. The comfort of piping hot water blasting my face while shaving, eliminating the need for shaving cream was kind-a-like a dream come true. I'd had closer shaves with other shaving accessories. But for the price, I was quite happy with the disposables. You could get a few decent shaves out-a-them. I happened to have a home soda maker called the Soda Rope, which was connected to a paintball tank. I used it to give myself a blow job after a beard trim (pun intended). I have a clean shaven neck. My beard is from the jawline up. I loved the cold, refreshing blast of CO₂. Reminded me of the barber shop haircut visits I had as a kid. My favorite part of that experience was the blow job I got from the barber at the end of his work (again, pun intended). Sometime in 2014, I think, I decided to spring for a Gillette Fusion (Manual). It occurred to me to clean the 5-blade gang assembly after use. After rinsing my new toy in hot water and exiting the shower, I grabbed my Soda Rope soda maker from the kitchen and took it to the bathroom. I gave my new Fusion cartridge a thorough blow job (OK, I'll stop with the puns). Using high pressure, pure, anhydrous CO₂, I blew those blades clean enough to eat off of. They were free of hair fragments and dry as a bone when I put the razor back in the medicine cabinet. I've never bought another Fusion blade cartridge since. The same one is sharp as a razor (OK, OK... I apologize for the pun). I have found the process to be quite effective. Admittedly, I shave only from the jawline down. I trim my beard and moustache with a small electric trimmer. I'm kind-a-scruffy, so I only shave my neck every few days when I start to get scratchy down there. But really, it's been Honest-to-God, once-in-a-lifetime, love, at first sight for me ever since. And that Soda Rope has never left the bathroom. Is now a permanent addition. Lying down on its side, it fits in a drawer in the counter under the sink.

    Found this group today. Thought this tidbit might be appreciated and worth sharing.
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    OT - gotta compliment the webmaster on choice of background for this forum thread. Maple burl, am I right? Very subtle. Very cool. Mind sharing the source image file?
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    It's a stock background, part of the Xenforo software engine that powers the forum.
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    Interesting read. Welcome to TSD.
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    Welcome to the Den.
    You might have some fun here --->
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    I have no idea, but the original Trac II cartridges lasted between seven and ten days for me. Same as a good DE blade really.
  18. EnglishChannel

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    I think 2-4 weeks of daily shaves is a good average for me. It's been a while since I have used these razors regularly, day after day.
    I keep a few around to use when I am in a hurry, so they are usually used one or two days in a row and then put away for at least a few days.

    I consider myself lucky to have a variety of shaving tools in the rotation, so I go through periods where I use a specific razor and the others sit.
    I would like to know what methods others use to keep track of the use on their blades.
  19. venom0706

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    Thanks for the replies!

    Yes, after almost 3 years, I have found myself how long they last. One usually lasts me around 1 month with shaving every 4-5 days. 3 months if I really push it, but it starts pulling and irritating my skin.
  20. Eeyore

    Eeyore Well-Known Member

    When I still predominantly used the Trac II, I switched cartridges once a week. Most DE blades last a week for me too.
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