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    If it's the version introduced c.1930 short answer is no, as it had a long production life. If it were packaged in a case with original blades it might be possible to narrow it a little.

    From an earlier post by Darkbulb

    1911-1912 Gem de Luxe
    1912 Gem Damaskeene (the "1912")
    1914-1915 (ER) "1914" Marked "American Safety Razor Company New York" Patent Pending
    1917-1919 (ER) "1914" Marked "Ever Ready" Patented March 24/14
    1918 "Radio" trademark blade - just a point of interest being perhaps "Radio" predated "Ever Ready" on the razors that are marked "Radio"?
    1919 Star became a subsiduary of ASR
    1919 Gem "1912"
    1919 (ER) Front Hinged Cap "Brooklyn New York USA" Patent Applied For (becomes the "1924")
    1923 "Ever Ready" trademarked by ASR
    1924 "GEM" trademark redesigned by ASR
    1925 ER "1914" & "1924" produced hereafter marked "Ever Ready"
    1930 Gem "Micromatic" (the Open Comb)
    1930 The Improved Ever Ready ("1912") - what we call the Ever Ready "1912" finally coming into common production (see above, regarding "Radio")
    1933 ER "E-Bar" - potentially earlier than the Gem offering of the same model? (Last use of "Ever Ready" in the US)
    1930s "Star" - supercedes "Ever Ready" in the US (British market continues with "Every Ready") and duplicates "Gem" ("1912") ... perhaps simply becoming the "Junior"
    1930s? Gem G-Bar (introduced after the cessation of the Ever Ready trademark in the US)
    1940s? Gem "1912 Junior"
    1941 Gem (Micromatic) "Clog Pruf"
    1947 Gem (Micromatic) "Flying Wing"
    1940s? (Late) ER "Streamline" (British - Ever Ready trademark picked up in Britain ... last used in US in 1933)
    1950s ER Featherweight (British)
    1950s Gem Featherweight/Pushbutton
    1960s Gem Contour
    1970s Gem Contour II

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    I'm not very familiar with the 1912 other than to say it's a great shave. You mention the 1930 version. Is there a way of determining if it's that version?
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    If it's an Ever Ready stamped with the 1912 patent it's a 1930. 1912 patent Gems would be 1919 model or an earlier Damaskeene if stamped Gem Cutlery.

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    Hmm... no mention of Every Ready on it. Here it is. 1912 Single Edge (4).jpg 1912 Single Edge (5).jpg 1912 Single Edge (6).jpg
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    Tuesday, January 10, 2017

    Simpson 58 Manchurian
    Cold River Soap Works Juniper
    The OneBlade
    GEM SS PTFE #5
    Fine Fresh Vetiver


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    Hey, thanks ever so much for all the info. Greatly appreciated.
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    That's a "Brooklyn Gem 1912" which is the generation of 1912's that followed the Damaskeenes and preceded the "Ever-Ready Improved" 1912's. The chain link handle (sometime referred to as the "Art Deco" handle) indicates a later model, I'd guesstimate circa 1925 or so.

    The Gems (and most SE's, for that matter) do not have date codes or serial numbers so it is difficult if not impossible to precisely date them. Cased sets can sometimes be dated by looking at the advertising of the time.

  9. Bird Lives

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    Ahhh Great Minds.....or Great Whiskers....whichevah! :eatdrink047:
    I have been reaching shaving nirvana this past week with my ER 1914....twas so good it scared me....two days in a row...So to check things out and find balance in the Universe I tried my ER 1924....and got just as good a shave...less vibrational feedback...more like a Bentley to the 1914's lambo type feel.....So then I broke out my ER 1909 and alas....same perfect shave only....dare I say.....smoother! Mr Smoothy! So I thinking all is right with the World!
    And all these have cemented the SE's superiority....

    Then there was a Dad's Day....I celebrated my Pop by using the Schick I2....3 passes and touch-up and Damn! Just as good...all these razors are a blessing...even if each was the only razor I ever had!:shocked003:

    BUT!!!! With each....sometimes I may hear the baby crying and I can't seem to reach it....Close....Too Close.....but then if I do one ATG partial touch up pass with just witch hazel instead of lather, of my proplem spots, with the Schick Simplified Automatic c3....well then Perfection....Dolphins beaching themselves in a jealous rage!

    So tonight I did the complete Zen Shave with my C3, Arko, favorite vintage brush refurbed by Gary Carrington....
    Now that one could be my only razor and I don't think I would miss a thing.....although I have to have an I2 for sentimental reasons.......and a 1914 cause she's such a 'wild child'.....and I do like...............

    But how can I deal with these Dolphins boo-hooing everywhere with envy? Maybe ear-plugs?
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  10. Bird Lives

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    SCHWEET !!!!!
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  11. Bird Lives

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    This OCMM was a techno masterpiece! GEM was the State of the Art Cat's Meow!!!!!
    The way the TTO doesn't just open and close it....BUT Slide back and open....then as it closes it grabs the blade and slides it forwardto the optimum shaving position and lockes it there.....This guy is like one of those attenna'ed robotic gizmos from the Jetsons....But they beat Gillette to the TTO punch, and did it with more style and grace!

    Plus.....I agree....this razor shaves is the "little Barber in a box" like the first ads lay it almost flat and you're gonna get a perfect least my experience....and this thing is bullet proof....I saw one was run over by a truck and they just stuck the top back on the handle and it worked perfect....

    I saw one that someone found with a metal detector deep in the mud on the Battle of the Bulge Battlefield....They rinsed it off, changed blades and got a perfect shave....:smiley respect::happy096:

    GEM and ER....and Schick.....should have won the razor Wars. @Robyflexx I got your back, ER and PAL are the same.....}8^))
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    Tues 10th Jan
    Moved on to a tweaked ER 1924. Used a 1/2 spine shim and a longer modern handle. Provides nice clean shave.


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    Tue. 1/10/17




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  14. Jim99

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    Bird, I love your write ups! Keen 'em coming!
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  15. Jim99

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    I used my Schick adjustable. I'm out of twin blades, but got a great shave nonetheless with a single.

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    What a fantastic post, Bob. Thank you.
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  18. Norcalnewb

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    Great set up!
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  19. Norcalnewb

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    January 10 SOTD:

    Stirling Synthetic Brush
    Gem Damaskeene
    Ogallala Bay Rum with Lime and Peppercorns
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    Cold Water.jpg
    SOTD January 10, 2017

    : Kai Captain Mild
    Razor: RazoRock Black Hawk
    Brush: Jayaruh #60 synthetic
    Lather: Route 66 Cavendish
    Post: Witch hazel splash, Fine Platinum, Nivea sensitive balm
    WTG, touch-up

    Nice shave again today. This is the same setup as yesterday with the exception of a different brush. This sample of Cavendish is pretty much done. I'll switch to a different scent for tomorrow's shave. Good result with this combination. The Black Hawk is really growing on me.

    Have a great day!

    SOTD 1-10-17.JPG
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