Look What My Wife Bought Me!

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by dustmite, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. dustmite

    dustmite Well-Known Member


    I've been looking for a Pal since last July when I was involved in the InjectoMatic pass-around. I woke up this morning with the news that my beautiful bride scored this one for me! Now I just have to figure out what she's angling for... :D
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  2. Herm2502

    Herm2502 off to elf practice

    Sweet, from your sweetie!

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  3. mrchick

    mrchick Odd, Terrible Avatar

    Very cool!
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  4. Matt0210

    Matt0210 Well-Known Member

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  5. PickledNorthern

    PickledNorthern Fabulous, the unicorn

    That is really cool. Nice examples of these like that don't grow on trees around here, which means she probably spent some real time trying to score it.

    Double special. I award her a unicorn for the gesture.
  6. Enrico

    Enrico Well-Known Member

    You got good one! Wife and razor!
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  7. dustmite

    dustmite Well-Known Member

    Thanks! She's definitely a keeper!
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  8. Pilotcld

    Pilotcld Well-Known Member

    Awesome! That's a sweet gift right there!

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  9. wristwatchb

    wristwatchb wristwatch "danger" b

    I agree! Congrats and enjoy!
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  10. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

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    zVERYCOOL.png That is a great shaver.
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  11. McGrande

    McGrande Well-Known Member

    Wow! Never saw one of those before. Are the blades still available? (sorry for the dumb question)

    She's up to something I reckon. Been married 46 years myself and this has all the signs of a female trap.

    Now all you have to do is be on the lookout for new car brochures casually left about. Perhaps a real estate flyer or two from say...Mustique Island in the Grenadines, or maybe information pamphlets expounding the virtues of "conflict free" diamonds.

    Tread carefully.....very carefully.
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  12. dustmite

    dustmite Well-Known Member

    These take the single injector blades made by Schick or Personna. We are under contract for a house, so I don't think it's real estate... I will keep my eyes peeled, though!
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  13. Shave Monkey

    Shave Monkey Well-Known Member

    That wouldn't happen in my house!
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  14. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    Only dumb question is the one not asked. Yes blades are available.
    Few shops stock them, but easy to shop online. These are referred to as Chick blades. Labeled Schick, made in China, and they fit the vintage razors and shave very well.
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  15. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    Not dumb at all. Also be aware that this Pal is one of the most wickedly effective safety razors ever. But a good one.
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  16. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    What a thoughtful gift. Nice razor, too.
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  17. RetLEO-07

    RetLEO-07 likes his penguin deep fried, with pink sparkles

    Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
    Nice pickup.
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  18. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    Wonderful gift!
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  19. dustmite

    dustmite Well-Known Member

    20170218_171617.jpg 20170218_174755.jpg 20170218_171631.jpg 20170218_171659.jpg

    Razor appears to be NOS! It still has the red "blank" loaded, and zero signs of wear. Has anyone used the Pal Hollow Ground injector blades? They appear to be dusty, but it doesn't look like there's any rust or corrosion.
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  20. PickledNorthern

    PickledNorthern Fabulous, the unicorn

    That is so cool! Now put it away up on a shelf somewhere. It is way too nice to use.
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