Mühle Rocca stainless steel razor

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Eeyore, Jan 22, 2017.

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    I could see it being a bit more aggressive than the R89. It appears to have a bit more blade gap. It looks like a nice shaver though and the price isnt bad. Its really only about $15 more than an R89 Grande.
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  2. Spud

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    I think it’s a fair price for the quality.
  3. Spud

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    I was reading on another blog (Shave Nook) that one particular buyer had a pin on the cap fall out. It appears the pins are glued in! Disappointing. I emailed Brian at The Executive Shaving Company and he says the cap is all one piece. I believe he is incorrect; it does appear that the pins are separate pieces.
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    Yes i read that post and seen the picture, pretty obvious it's not a one piece stainless steel head
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  5. Spud

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    As per my response from Muhle USA:

    Per Andreas Muller: " I would like to take the opportunity and give you some background information:

    The steel we are using for this product stainless steel 316L. The steel is an excellent steel for cutlery and surgical tools.

    The pins are welded to the top plate. We had 4 cases of broken pins so far amongst all the Rocca razors we have produced so far. (ca 1000 pcs).

    The welding process has been immediately improved and we do focus on this detail when doing the QC checks.

    The razors are not made in a casting process but partially CNC milled.

    I believe this rather speaks for the quality of the product and it´s material."

    GAB - German American Beauty
    3100 NW 2nd Avenue, Suite 223
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
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    Thank you, sir. :)

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