Murray & Lanman Florida Water in Toronto

Discussion in 'Scents' started by goshawk, May 9, 2010.

  1. goshawk

    goshawk Well-Known Member

    I found Murray & Lanmans Florida Water in stock at The Danforth Fruit Market on the Danforth, just east of Main St., for $5.99 and needless to say, snagged a bottle. I thought my fellow Torontonians would like to know. I've never seen it anywhere else in T. O.

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  2. Rene

    Rene Well-Known Member

    What's Florida Water like?

    Where is it compareble with, fragrance wise?

    Pardon my ignorance :ashamed001
  3. goshawk

    goshawk Well-Known Member

    It's alot like bay rum - sweet and spicey.

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  4. Rene

    Rene Well-Known Member


    Thanks :happy088
  5. geneaut

    geneaut Member

    My wife says it smells like Pledge going on ... the citrus topnotes start off strong. After 10 minutes of drydown it starts smelling like spiced apple cider to me.

    I love it.
  6. dashmaverick

    dashmaverick Member

    To me, it smells like Lime Sec and Bay Rum.
  7. 1OldGI

    1OldGI New Member

  8. stingraysrock

    stingraysrock PIF'd away his custom title

    If you have ever been in a position to smell the air freshener called Ozium, that is a pretty dang close approximation of what Florida Water smells like.
  9. goshawk

    goshawk Well-Known Member


    Interesting post. The Danforth Fruit Market is a Caribbean grocery store, so the Santeria connection probably explains why they've got the FW.


  10. geneaut

    geneaut Member

    The Florida Water, Kananga Water, and even Hoyt's Cologne have some hoodoo meanings in different cultures.

    I've read some people even use a little FW in their mop water. Cleans the haints/boogers/etc right out of the house. My wife says it smells like upscale Pledge so I wonder LOL.
  11. shavejunkie

    shavejunkie New Member

    I seem to get quite a few genuine compliments when wearing Florida Water. I think a lot of its sent depends on your individual body chemistry. My wife usually likes only upper end fragrances but she loves FW.

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