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Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by tomnat, Jun 8, 2012.

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    Also keep in mind that the Balsa / Linen / Leather / Felt,,, medium that the paste is applied to also changes things on the edge, the order which I just put them is the order that they effect the edge, Balsa being the most abrasive Felt being the least.
    I have many thoughts about how things with pastes have changed over the last 5 years, even the last 3... Balsa was originally suggested as a test platform from it's use it Knife and Tool sharpening, it was intended to give a person the "feel" of the pastes without committing to using a more expensive strop.. (once a strop is pasted it committed) I have never been a fan myself, hence why I made a few of the cheap bench strops to use with pastes...
    Try it out wth the Balsa and see how it effects your edge and good starting point after honing is 5 laps CrOx then 10 laps FeOx see how the edge reacts to that
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    Thanks fellas. I was of the understanding that I should use them in between honings, much like what you said you do, Justin. But i just wasn't sure. Jamie, thanks for the "recipe". I will have to pick up some neatsfoot oil and give that a try. I think on both yours and Glen's recommendation, I'm going to have to attempt to make my own stops. What do you affix the leather to the wood with? Also, I've got a couple strops from the whippeddog sight unseen deal that I may use for this, but they have a bunch of wrinkles on them. I've read somewhere that you can sand out the wrinkles?? But won't that make the leather all rough?
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    Thanks for the info on the different mediums; that helps a lot. Yeah, I guess I could just use the pastes as is right now and just see what it does to the edge. I'll do that.
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    Hi Tom, i use Evo Stick contact adhesive you apply it to both the leather and the wooden strop, then leave a two or three minutes till it' becomes tacky then sandwich the two together and clamp the leather side down to a smooth flat surface, then remove next day ready to use, make sure you have a well ventilated room, as this stuff gives off a lot of fumes. still very good stuff

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    I should try that with one side of my TI paddle strop. The bugger has a beautiful flat surface on the brown side, black is all cockeyed :/ I'm guessing it's glue but I'd probably be best to rip the black surface off, sand it all back down and use a new piece of leather.
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    I also use the CrOx after I finish honing, 10 strokes each side then straight to the strop. I also second glens recommendations for straightrazordesigns strops. A very excellent piece of leather.
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    JMO, but if you have a 4-8 norton try and pick up some lapping film (3um and 1um). Make a couple of strops and your in business. Take your time and set your bevel correctly and the rest will come. You'll get a nice edge off the 1um. Play around with pastes but keep one stop clean. Good Luck.
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