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    It was late and I had too much wine...
    There I was: online shopping in the wee hours, browsing stores for whatever popped into my head.
    One of those pops was "Pirate Shaving Cream". Hmmm... let's see if that actually exists.

    It does!

    I want it! Why I want it, I don't know, but I ordered it.

    royal mail.jpg

    It was shipped straight away via Royal Mail from "The Shaving Station" in Leeds. https://www.shavingstation.co.uk/
    I love stuff from across the pond!


    Online order tracking let me check to see exactly where it was as it made its trip to me.
    One week later it is Christmas in September! Shipping was steep but quick! I think the pirate on the lid is super cool!


    It says shaving cream online but shaving soap on the jar. And the product inside is more like a gel.
    (Maybe this should be posted in "Shaving Soaps" forum?)


    It is a very bright red color with white stars swirled in. Yes STARS!
    EXTRO is embossed into the soap/cream/gel. It has a spicy smell too.

    stars on bottom.jpg

    Here is a look at the bottom of the glass jar so you can see the stars better. Love it!


    "Extro Pirate Shaving Cream features a classic old school fragrance, fresh and spicy, opening with Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot on a Fern, Jasmine and Cinnamon heart finished off with a woodsy Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Patchouli base. Enriched with Royal Jelly and Calendula Oil for an excellent shaving experience." <-- from the Shaving Station website.

    It lathers well and smells nice, not too strong. The lather is quite dense but gives a good shave. I admit I bought it for the pirate image on the lid. But I found that it is a pretty good product. Maybe not on par with Taylor of Old Bond Street, but it sure looks wicked-cool with its awesome pirate, a glass jar ... and those stars!
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    Definitely looks awesome!
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    Looks like a petri dish.
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    very cool
  5. Yehuda D

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    This I never heard of!

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