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    New update:

    New Campaign Update!
    The Rockwell Model T Razor & Blades: Shaving Perfected team just posted.


    posted by Rockwell Razors

    Sep 5, 2017 • 7:21AM PDT

    Dear Backers,

    It’s been a very productive month since our last update! As you may remember from the last update, I was meeting with our manufacturer to review the razors that were assembled using the updated fixtures in early August. From that assembly, we learned that the parts were dimensionally within tolerance over 98% of the time (a 2% reject rate for a project of this complexity is fantastic. However, we discovered that fractions of millimeters of “wiggle room” within the fixtures were causing compounding assembly problems around the T-Bar and the Top Doors. Put simply, this was resulting in a minutely bent razor blade in a small fraction of assembled razors, which unfortunately still put us outside an acceptable reject rate for mass production, completed products.

    That being said, we’re actually coming to backers today with good news! Since that early August assembly, we’ve update the fixtures one final time to fit the head pieces and the rod as snugly as possible during critical stamping procedures in assembly (which has been made possible only recently with the further improved tolerances of the T-Bar component). Pictures of the updated fixtures are below:


    And finally the good news: the test production at the end of August (basically a “retry” of the early August assembly except with updated fixtures) has been our first success, meaning we’re proceeding with the full production as outlined in the last update! The only thing that’s changed is that we’re now expecting the first 1000 razors to ship approximately 4-5 weeks from today, with the following razors following closely behind (still on the end-of-November schedule that we mentioned in the last update). That means all Indiegogo backers should expect to receive their Model T tracking number close to the end of November.

    It’s been quite a rollercoaster month for us, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be in the home stretch of bringing this incredibly exciting innovation to market. We hope everyone is as excited to be amongst the first people in the world to try a Model T as we are to begin shipping! Thank you again for continuing have our back, and please reach out to us at if you have any questions about production before the next update in late September / early October (unless you get a tracking link before then!)

    Co-Founder, Rockwell Razors
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    Great news for those backers.
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    How's that Rex ? Please tell me you got it.
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    "Shipping this month" now says Matt.

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  5. Jorvaljr

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    I believe it was pushed out to September now.
  6. DesertTime

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    It is September. It was pushed out to beginning or middle October. By end of October I suspect we'll have dozens of reviews for one of the most anticipated razors ever. I think they have over 5,000 backers. Amazing.
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    LOL I forgot it's now September. I didn't realize it was a kickstarter. I only heard about the pre-order.

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    Big mess here. Rockwell for the end of November at the earliest. Rex is for sometime in October. How the Rex came into play? No idea. All I posted was info for the Rockwell update for the Model T followers. It is what it is....
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    I don't see a mess. And I don't see any issue with bringing up another razor. It was a " while we are on the subject of new razors" kind of thing. Technically there already is a thread about the Rockwell T adjustable. The update could have easily been inserted there. You shouldn't be so easily offended, bothered, upset or disappointed that we discussed another razor. In the end it's only shaving and sometimes we smooch things together. :eatdrink047:
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    Fair enough... no offense taken.
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