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    Welcome to the Awards Prize list for the 2nd Annual 30 DC Shavey Awards. If you don't know what that is, check out THIS THREAD before you read any further.

    Most prize items are lightly used, unless otherwise indicated. As for the hardware, the pics pretty much say it all. This list will not be finalized until the Shavey Awards Ceremony in June. As such, be warned: do not get too attached to any particular Shavey Prize, as this list is subject to change depending on what I may buy, sell and trade in my den in the meantime.

    For those of you who feel compelled to add your own prize to the general prize cache, you may PM me or post it in on this thread (along with a pic), but you must be willing to communicate with the winner and send them the prize from your den on your own dime. Keep in mind, though, that this whole harebrained idea was originally hatched as a way for me to give back to folks here and clear out the extras in my shave den, so I am totally fine with no one adding anything to the box. REALLY, totally fine.

    So without any further adieu, here are the prizes:
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    Cremo Trio - All three flavors.

    Stirling Boar Brush - Not Yet broken in.


    Chrome Razor and Brush Stand


    Stirling Barbershop Aftershave (90%)


    Stirling Frozen Fruity Frankensoap & Vanilla Sandalwood

    Fruity Frankensoap is my own mixture of Orange Chill, Glacial MITA and Almond Creme that comes together like a frozen umbrella drink on the beach with just enough menthol to make it chilly. This is the only tub of its kind, so get it while it’s cold! I'd estimate at least 3-4 ounces in the tub.
    The Vanilla Sandalwood is a 1 oz. sample in the tin.

    Stirling Soap Samples In Latherable, Resealable Tubs

    Scots Pine Sheep (1 oz), Bay Rum (1 oz.), and Weekend in Malibu - Citronella Version (2 oz.)
    My original Malibu sample was shipped along with a sample of Electric Sheep, which overpowered the Malibu scent with citronella scent during shipping. I aired it out and ordered another sample, but upon combining them, the citronella still peeks out a bit. Just pretend you’re on a patio on a floral Malibu hillside with a citronella candle burning nearby.

    Kiss My Face Shaving Cream Duo - Key Lime, Pomegranate Grapefruit


    Harry’s Shave Kit with Moisturizer

    (razor cartridge is unused)
    I’m 0B3D1E44-6B8B-4E44-9BF7-C4877D7AC6F5.jpeg

    Compact Boar (Omega) and Horse Hair (Vie Long) Knots

    24mm and 21mm, respectively. These are very small, compact knots, though.

    Razorock XXX and Classic (both 50%), Proraso Cream (50%) and Pre Shave Sample

    Real Shaving Co. Shave Cream and Brickell Moisturizer Sample


    Dollar Shave Club - Dr. Carver’s Shave Lather (75%), Shave Butter, Aftershave Balm, & Aftershave Dew


    Barrister & Mann Latha - Original Scent


    Simpsons Luxury Shaving Cream


    Barrister & Mann Latha Soap & Aftershave - Lavanda


    Budget Soap & AS Smorgasbord


    Soap Sampler #1
    Generous sized samples of 10 soaps and aftershaves.

    Soap Sampler #2

    Regular sized simples of 5 WCS soaps, PLUS small samples of 9 different soaps with just enough soap for 1 to 3 shaves each.

    Gillette 1966 (L4) Travel Tech & Case

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    Gillette 1954 (Z3) Flair Tip

    Schick Krona & DE Travel Case


    User Grade Gillette Tech (NDC) & Old Type

    I sanitized this with an ultrasonic cleaner, but haven't polished it at all, so the finish can be improved considerably, but finish won't be perfect, regardless. The Old Type was epoxied inside, so the stress crack does not affect its functionality at all.

    Whipped Dog Poor Man’s Strop

    After @RyX and I both finished with this it’s not gonna win any beauty contests, but it still works, and the price is right!

    Pinaud A Plenty

    16 oz is more hair gel than you think. You’ll be passing it down to your grandchildren...

    Puck of AOS Tallow

    (generously provided by @Keithmax)
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  4. Keithmax

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    I will contribute my emotional support, willingness to hold anyones beer while they shave and I am donating this puck of AoS Tallow

    ID - 2.jpg
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    Thanks Keith! I’ve added it above and to the main Shavey thread.
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    Reserved for possible future content.
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    Reserved for possible future content.

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