The Haul: May 28th - June 3rd, 2012

Discussion in 'Show and tell' started by IAmTheJody, May 28, 2012.

  1. awake2shave

    awake2shave Crazy Sharp Melon Baller


    After a great day of bon fires and swimiing with the fam I get home to my TSD order.

    De Vergulde Hand with a bowl that my wife quickly clamed for her new soap.
    TSD Egyptain spice full size smells just like I was hopping for will be the first one I use
    TSD Crackling fire wood sample after a day of bonfires I think its right on the money.
    TSD Raspberry for SWMBO , that being said your darn skippy I will be using this one two.
  2. lradke

    lradke and doggone it, people like me

    VAT free? You can't go wrong with that! :D
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  3. Conrad1959

    Conrad1959 Well-Known Member

    Seems perfectly normal to me!
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  4. TexasWheels

    TexasWheels Member

    My first purchase of razors showed up today so I can finally take my antique shop find for a ride, now how to decide on which ones to try first?
  5. Neolithium

    Neolithium I am Canadian, eh

    Bluebirds are supposed to be amazing blades from what I've read time and time again!
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  6. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

    Sharp but not very smooth in the long run. I can use them 2 times in my Slim then it needs to go. Concord Blades are from the same factory (Derby) as Bluebirds and are somewhat smoother but harder to find.


    This one lasts one additional shave.
  7. blanka

    blanka I will not eat my shaving products. Promise.

    2012-05-29 13.13.05.jpg

    Dark picture, but 3 more R160 ASBs (couldn't resist), a tube of Euro Gillette Regular and one Extra Sensitive, two tubes of Italian Palmolive Classic and a tube of the famed 444 Balm. That's it, I'm now on a purchasing sabbatical! (maybe)
  8. tuco99

    tuco99 Well-Known Member

    My TSD order came in and couldn't be happier with the Wheat cream scent.The last wheat I had was cedarwood and I PIF'd it away as it was not a scent that I could enjoy . IMG_0165 (Small).JPG
  9. Smoothy

    Smoothy Well-Known Member

    My final order which was placed before I decided to slow down for a while has been delivered: A Merkur Vision (2000), which also completes my trio of Adjustables I have recently acquired. Now, I'll enjoy playing with what I have and discovering the various settings on those 3 adjustables in addition to the rest.
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  10. Conrad1959

    Conrad1959 Well-Known Member

    I will be looking forward to your next photo and expect to see it soon!:lyrtuy5:
  11. lradke

    lradke and doggone it, people like me


    Hurray! I finally get to try Gillette Blue's and Crystal blades! :) One of my little orders front connaught came today. :)
  12. theblindog

    theblindog Active Member

    no.6 Turkey horse hair brush
    the grosvenor bristle an badger
    Australian Vintage Deluxe Shave Soap
    no6.jpg deluxe.jpg
  13. DLP

    DLP Well-Known Member

    Yesterday brought two packages.

    The first from Gem Star Customs is a W.H. Morley & Sons Straight razor. My first, guess I'll see how bloody I can get with this. It is a fine looking razor, I'm looking forward to learning how to use it.

    Next came a Muhle R89 DE with a few blades to sample.
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  14. Neolithium

    Neolithium I am Canadian, eh

    Another beautiful restore from Glen. You're going to have an awesome shave with it - just take the time to go over some youtube videos, particularly Geofatboy who does a decent job with straight razor suggestions for shaving and you'll do fine. There's of course always advice for no pressure with DE's....with straights it's the law. ;)
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  15. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master

    I had gotten a couple of these vintage 1960s Schick Krona blades and since they were still sealed in their wrapper, I decided to try one out. I was very pleased with the result. So here's 4 sealed packs I scored and received. Really a damn fine blade. Made in Sweden, which could have something to do with how awesome they are.

  16. Queen of Blades

    Queen of Blades Mistress of Mischief Staff Member

    Moderator Supporting Vendor
    It's also the brother to your Double Duck. :D
    I rescued it from the antique store at the same time.
  17. Neolithium

    Neolithium I am Canadian, eh

    Well then. You keep finding sweet hidden gems! They're both beautiful razors now that they've had Glen's TLC package.
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  18. Queen of Blades

    Queen of Blades Mistress of Mischief Staff Member

    Moderator Supporting Vendor
    Actually, the Morley looked in pretty darn good condition when I got it.
    The Duck definitely got some treatment.

    I like rescuing shaving stuffs from the antique shops. I don't collect or buy much for myself, but I like passing them along to others I know will love them or find them good homes.
  19. DLP

    DLP Well-Known Member

    Thank you for finding both of them. :)
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  20. Queen of Blades

    Queen of Blades Mistress of Mischief Staff Member

    Moderator Supporting Vendor
    I think it's awesome they both ended up with TSD members. :2thumbs:

    I hope you'll enjoy the razor and let us know how it treats you.
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