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Discussion in 'Women's Shaving' started by EndlessFields, Jan 17, 2012.

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    Women of The Shave Den I'm reaching out to you. I have had a couple women who have expressed interest in double edge shaving ask me how to get started. Being new to this myself and being of the male gender I don't know what to recommend. Using all of the knowledge you have now, how would you recommend a new female double edge shaver get started? Starting out inexpensively but still with quality products is a requirement. I'm opening this question to the vast wealth of knowledgeable information here. Thank you in advance.
  2. Sara-s

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    Generally, women do well with long-handled razors, as they have to reach around backs of calves, etc. As for blades, soaps & brushes, we have to try different things, to see what we like (same as the men.) So a sample pack of blades is a good idea. Many women look for old razors, like Lady Gillettes on eBay. I use a Parker 29L.
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    couldnt have said it better
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    My recommendations are the same regardless of a person's gender.

    1. Start with a brush and soap/cream.
    2. after learning to lather, look at razors & blades.
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    Thanks everyone. The advice on longer handled razors is helpful. Not something I would have thought of. Though like everything else YMMV I'm sure.
  6. Queen of Blades

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    Yes, YMMV. Long handles are a preference not a necessity.
    I have shaved my legs with a straight razor. That's like having no handle length at all, as far as "reaching" goes.
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    Dude!! That's shave porno! :)
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    With one of these. Mine loves the Pink and the Blue one. Pink Lady Gillette 001e.jpg

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