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  1. GADback
    GADback clint64
    Seeing that we're so close I figure I should introduce myself. My name is Mike Bolander - - I also live in Sugar Mill (on Creek Wind Ct.). It sounds like if I use the path that cuts through the woods to get to the clubhouse that you wouldn't be much further of a walk.
  2. huckelberry hound
    huckelberry hound Arnout
    I know nothing about import taxes In Belgium tough break sorry you don’t like it stone worked great for me
    1. Arnout
      I ll give the stone some time, but for now, on water, the edge feels like it is bouncing against the goldspots. The stone makes a pretty nice nagura on my other ozuko,...
      Jun 28, 2018
  3. Terry
    Warm hart, cold shave
  4. Arnout
    Hey, the stone arrived, but i had to pay €53 import taxes, so next time put a lower value please ;-)
    1. Arnout
      The stone looks toxic with the sparkles, the stone feels toxic on water, but the result is pretty ok as long as i stay on slurry
      Jun 27, 2018
  5. huckelberry hound
    huckelberry hound Arnout
    My apologies
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  6. huckelberry hound
  7. vinny g
    vinny g
    in the rear view mirror
  8. vinny g
    vinny g
    in the rearview
  9. Briscoe
  10. andrew murphy
    andrew murphy
    wondering if i came to the wrong sight after the msg i got
  11. huckelberry hound
    huckelberry hound Arnout
    Tracking doesn’t show anything let me know when you get it
    1. Arnout
      Nothing yet.
      Jun 18, 2018
  12. Jayaruh
    Just got kicked out again. I can't stay logged in.
  13. huckelberry hound
    huckelberry hound Arnout
    Enjoy my friend
    1. Arnout
      It is so hard to say no.
      Jun 12, 2018
  14. huckelberry hound
  15. huckelberry hound
    huckelberry hound Arnout
    Will ship tomorrow thank you
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    2. Arnout
      Thank you!
      Jun 11, 2018
  16. Rosengaard
    Waiting for my newest aquisition: A nice Gillette Fat Boy in the original box (i like the boxes!!)
  17. bellm313
    bellm313 oscar11
    Are you making any brush handles at the moment?
  18. Jody Kyer
    Jody Kyer Arnout
    I have a Vintage W.H. Morley & Sons Clover brand SR with a barber notch & black scales made in the 1920's. What dose the 444 on the inside of the scales mean?
    1. Arnout
      Well, no idea, sorry
      Jun 7, 2018
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    2. Jody Kyer
      Jody Kyer
      No problem, thought maybe it would help tell what year it was made. I know it was made in the 1920's & that's about it.
      Jun 8, 2018
  19. Arnout
    Does the stone come with a matching tomonagura
  20. Arnout
    Hey, I was afraid it would be expensive.