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  1. jimjo1031
  2. cb103
    cb103 John Ruschmeyer
    Jersey Shore eh? So am I ........ Brick.
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    2. John Ruschmeyer
      John Ruschmeyer
      Wow! Me, too...
      Dec 7, 2018 at 5:57 PM
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  3. Duke42o
    Hwy every one thanks for the advice
  4. americanshamrock
  5. Terry
    Combs his hair with a razor...
  6. Jan Zoethout
    Jan Zoethout twhite
    Hi Tom ... wonder if you could sell me a "bunny razor" ...
  7. ordinaryshaver
    Gonna be a daddy!!!!
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  8. Amol
    Friends. Good evening.
  9. Hembree
    Southern Nationalist
  10. ordinaryshaver
    "Oh Lord, Stuck in Lodi again''
  11. JerryMaze
    hi i am Jerry and i am new here and i am from Texas and i have wavy hair and i wanna get rid of it.
  12. ordinaryshaver
    Stumbling block or stepping stone, the choice is yours.
  13. ken brooks
    ken brooks GawainandtheGreenKnight
    Is there a significance to GREEN?
  14. BBSDEShaver
    What Kind Of Shave Do You Prefer?
  15. Terry
    Terry brit
    And now for somthing completly different...
    Reminds me when I lived in Detroit, MI. Watched ch 9 for the British shows, ch 78 for other things ;)
  16. JackMerlin170
    hi i am Jack and i am new here and i live in Germany and i am an civil engineer.
  17. John Peter
    John Peter
    hi i am John and i am new here and want to discuss about more hair styles for men? would you suggest me?
  18. Terry
    Terry Timbo2
    Me too
  19. Duke42o
    New wet shaver hear looking forward to learning and talking shaving
  20. Liza Jack
    Liza Jack
    hi i am Liza and i really want to be socialized and also i like beard.