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  1. brit
  2. Number six
  3. Moose
    Moose Queen of Blades
    I'll pass. I hope someone else enjoys their prize. Thank you for your hard work!
  4. johnnyflake
    Retired Old Wise Guy, from Elmwood Park, IL.
  5. NCoxSTL
    Mild March Madness. Mild razors. No Stirling. No Russian Steel. I may have lost my mind.
  6. Trigger
  7. RyX
    RyX Enrico
    Uh oh... gotta be careful when The Queen is anticipated in a thread!
  8. Archer
    Hi all. I’m from Northern Illinois. My interests are archery, sailing, wood working, and as of last summer, shaving.
  9. Leonidam
    Leonidam Handmade Brush
  10. RyX
    RyX Mohammad Safdar
    Hello Mohammad. You might take a moment to visit the Welcome Center and make your introduction post.
  11. Mohammad Safdar
  12. Mohammad Safdar
    Mohammad Safdar
    Thanks for making me a member
  13. Enayat ullah
    Enayat ullah
    Dear sir or madam, I need rapira shaving blades please send me your address and contact number in Moscow
  14. Enayat ullah
  15. Enayat ullah
    Enayat ullah
    Hello good morning
  16. PatrickA51
    Doing Recon
  17. Rob72
    Rob72 twhite
    Hi, Tom,
    Like everyone else, "I want...", lol!

    If possible, I'd like a few of your DeHaven #2 spacers (2-5, perhaps?)

    Also, I have a Gibbs adjustable head, and I wondered if you might be able to make a handle?

    Please let me know, when you have a moment.

    Thank you!
    -Rob Cox
  18. Komi
  19. StefenMaze
    hi.....i just logged in are you guys and what about your routine as i am fed up of all that hectic routine.
  20. StefenMaze
    hi....i am using Oriflame's face wash and shaving cream and aftershave balm is flawless and purely natural guys...sharing feedback...