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  1. José Santos
    José Santos Sparrow
    Hi, I saw your slim for sale in the forum. Do you still have it? I live in Portugal, can you do a good price? Thanks in advance and good shaves =)
  2. AlfredoT
    AlfredoT Burak Kucukler
    Hello Burak.

    Hope not to annoy you, but intrigued by the brush you posted: is it a vintage one, right?

  3. AlfredoT
    AlfredoT sparky5693
    Hello Sparky.

    From your avatar it seems you have quite a temper: should i be afraid?

    Sorry for annoying, but am lost.
    I'd like to post some brushes I made, but do not know where: would you help me, please?

    Thank you!
  4. dundurnspiper
    I have my grandfather's J A Henckels # 68 straight razor and strop, and after sixty years of looking at them I finally put them together!!
  5. Venkat
    Venkat KimmIsSharp
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    2. KimmIsSharp
      Thank you!
      May 29, 2019
  6. steve207
    steve207 Sara-s
    so I hear it's your birthday happy happy birthday to you may all your wish's come true
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  7. steve207
    steve207 ordinaryshaver
    so can one give out an address through here? I like to take up on the offer of the samples. there's one I can send you if you'd like to see what you can do with it
  8. RyX
    RyX steve207
    Sometimes it's difficult to tell tone of voice from text. If there's a problem feel free to contact me or any other Staff member! We're all Gentlemen & Ladies here, though some are grouchier than others.
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  9. steve207
    steve207 jcb
    welcome to the den my name is steven steve to my friends nice to meet you
  10. steve207
    sorry if I hurt any ones feelings did not mean to
  11. steve207
    just livin
  12. billdog2
    veteran Korea/ Viet Nam
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    2. MacDaDad
      Vietnam here 67-68.
      May 22, 2019
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  13. ordinaryshaver
    These are not the droids you seek
  14. Zykris
    Zykris EzraCobb
    Love the Bub avatar from Day of the Dead.
  15. tave
    Don’t talk to me while I’m shaving
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    2. MacDaDad
      Get off my lawn. ;)
      May 19, 2019
    3. MacDaDad
      What I hate is when someone wants to use the room that I'm shaving in while I'm shaving.. :)
      May 22, 2019
  16. tave
    tave Jayaruh
    How can I join the FOCWS
    1. Jayaruh
      Just say, "Cold water is for shaving, and hot water is for cleaning up my gear." Then come over to the thread and start posting.
      May 31, 2019
  17. Tinmantoo
    Carry on.........
  18. Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis
    Restored Human...
  19. matthewoli98
    South African wet-shaver, 21 years old, love aeroplanes and music, especially the classics. Love reviewing wetshaving gear.
  20. ordinaryshaver
    Starling conclusion : unimpressed with the shave. Looks cool, but don't reinvent the wheel.
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