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  1. Mike-R41
    Had a great shave with my “new” 1969’ Gillette Black beauty
  2. Burak Kucukler
    Burak Kucukler
    Nothing happened, and nothing kept happening.
  3. Mike-R41
    Recently got a 1969 black beauty, 1932 Fat Handle Tech And a 1957 SuperSpeed
  4. BlueShaver
    Out in the cold....
  5. Tommynick
    Tommynick Willy De Sousa
    Willi. Here’s your old user name. You can reset your password
  6. Nicked
    Nicked pisces_0
    If you still have the Contour 2 and are looking to sell, LMK
  7. steve207
    been moving to a new town today maybe out of reach for a little while guys if you see on here then i'm back
  8. Tanuki
    Thinking about trees...
  9. cpool222
    cpool222 cliffb599
    Anything else in particular that you might be interested in for trade for the Old Spice soap?
  10. Elsie11
    Thanks for coming
  11. MrEE
    Waiting for my whiskers to grow.
  12. Mike-R41
    Looking for someone to trade with
  13. wristwatchb
    wristwatchb Ledgerbone
    What's your shave kit consist of?
  14. Mike-R41
    The other day I received my first PAA “HanPolo” and the pre-shave “CUBE 2.0” it was fantastic! The postshave was so good No need for a A/S
  15. MrDaniel's
    24hrs on this site and i already bought another brush, Omega 10049. Oh well..
  16. Mike-R41
    Really want a type C shick repeating razor
  17. Mike-R41
    Is there a certain place on here I can find a old schick type A B or C?
  18. Ledgerbone
    The Spinfuel eLiquid of the Year awards are presented at the end of December each year and recognizes the best of the best e liquids.
  19. Ledgerbone
    Although it is generally accepted that all vaporizers with atomizers is called e-cigarettes, or Electronic Cigarettes.
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  20. Ledgerbone
    Modern vaping instruments are mostly box shaped, hence, the term Box Mod.