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  1. S Barnhardt
    S Barnhardt
    I recently found an old baby picture, so I thought I'd use it as an avatar so everyone could see how "ruggedly handsome" I was as a child!
  2. Bubbablade
    Bubbablade Enrico
    Do you have any restored brushes for sale?
  3. monishree
    Our blog provides various solutions for shavers, razors, and trimmers. It will be useful for those who want to invest in a smart solution
  4. monishree
    Welcome to the Grooming World 2020
  5. steve207
    steve207 Pattorashu
    Hey love your yoda pic
  6. ed2020
    ed2020 Jamie Mahoney
    Hi Jamie,

    I’ve been pointed in your direction for getting a new Dovo razor ready for its first shave.

    I don’t suppose you know of anyone in Birmingham who does this do you?

    Hope you haven’t been too badly affected by the storms.

  7. jayjacque
    Certified Strange-ologist
  8. RobertTaylor
    RobertTaylor gssixgun
    Looking at replacing a broken hone in a rolls razor
    Can i use an old slate roof tile
    If so wot grit are thay
    Green slate
    Gray slate
    Purple slate
    As I dont want to ruin the razor as it was my grand dad's
    1. gssixgun
      Knowing those Welsh slates I would use the Green
      Feb 18, 2020 at 2:43 AM
  9. jayjacque
    Doctor of Craze-ology
  10. shamraze
    I am a straight razor collector and restorer.
  11. jayjacque
    Doctor of Craze-ology
  12. speedster
    always can use more coffee
  13. aeroheads
    Racine Electric Hair Cutter Patented Nov 2, 1920 original Racine Motor attached. Value? ebay is no help. Ken 402-981-3554
  14. MrEE
    Shave on!
  15. Jerry George
    Jerry George Drygulch
    Hi, I know this is a long shot but I was going through some older thread and saw your post for the wooden bowl and brush for sale. Just wondering if they're still for sale? I realize the post is over a year old so it's a definite long shot. Thanks.
  16. Jerry George
    Jerry George Michael_W
    Hi, I was wondering if you still have the brush & stand for sale?
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    2. Michael_W
      I do. $25 plus shipping and handling and they're yours.
      Feb 5, 2020
  17. Jerry George
    Jerry George cpool222
    Hi, do you still have the 1969 black handle Super Speed? If so I'd like to buy it.

  18. ajc347
    ajc347 MacDaDad
    Hi Mac

    Further to your message I've sent you a PM - hopefully you have received it. If not, please let me know and I'll figure out another way of making contact with you.

    Many thanks

    1. MacDaDad

      Yes, I've received your PM and have answered. I'm not used to corresponding via messaging and whatnot (old school here). Let me know what you have available and we can go from there.

      Many Thanks

      Jan 19, 2020
  19. MacDaDad
    MacDaDad ajc347
    Andy, I'm having problems with my internet and I'm not sure if I know how to work this messenger or not. I am attempting to buy the (#44) if it's not sold already and the NACET as well. Let me know if you are receiving my messages, if not, I'll have Gary attempt to contact you.


  20. MacDaDad
    MacDaDad ajc347
    9. Flat Bottom with Regular Pins and notches in the top of the baseplate (in Bakelite Case with Gillette Insert) - some light scratches and scuffing present on the top cap - £45 posted to the U.K. or $65 shipped to CONUS - Sale Pending.

    Andy, I will send you paypal right now if this razor is still for sale.