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  1. Terry
    Terry "Knothead" Tim
    Hey buckeye!
    I'm in seo, welcome!
  2. Pilotcld
    Pilotcld sparky5693
    Hey Sparky, sorry about breaking the vendor rules! I tried looking for them last night before making my posts gauging interest in SR and DE razor stands but didn’t even thing about searching for the vendor rules! Is there any chance I can request the free vendor tag? I’ll understand if I’ve gotta make 50 new quality posts beforehand. I look forward to hearing your response, either way.
  3. DoctorGonzo
    Too weird to live, and too rare to die.
  4. Bradnebr
    Thanks for letting me join. I Look forward to much enjoyment.
  5. Jgg
    Jgg sparky5693
    Hey i have signed up here as i hav aquired an interesting set that may be of interest? Would like to share and learn. Cheers
  6. Mike-R41
  7. sol92258
  8. ischiapp
    ischiapp AlfredoT
    Ciao bestiaccia
  9. Leonard A. Jonesw
    Leonard A. Jonesw Nicked
    Can I get the Pearl DE and the Cleanestiq DE razor?
  10. ischiapp
    I watch the world with new eyes everyday.
  11. bigmaciek
    Sometimes the old ways are the best - 007, Skyfall
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  12. brush_with_fame
    brush_with_fame GADback
    Hiya. Is the Black Hawk still avail?
    Thanks, Alan
  13. dvdhviid
    30 day june
  14. brush_with_fame
    brush_with_fame Suhrim21
    Ello, Sir... saw you posted a number of straights for sale a couple months ago... Wondering if the CMON and Beau are still avail?
    And / or if you have a few more goodies lying about? Best, Alan
  15. ronb85
    ronb85 Carson West
    Thank you sir. Have a good evening and thank you for the great offerings!
  16. ronb85
    ronb85 Carson West

    I am interested in the Catie's Bubbles Purple Grapefruit and Stirling Barbershop aftershave you have for sale for the "You just pay for shipping" ad.
    1. Carson West
      Carson West
      Ron, a lot of guys requested those two items. I'll let you know if your name pops out of the hat. Good luck.
      May 28, 2020
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  17. Mike-R41
    Looking for a red-tip and a black beauty 84
  18. Tigerbug
    Tigerbug octoserge
    If you it previously please resend your email so I can forward some pics
  19. Delroy
    Hello , I'm Delroy and i've been wetshaving for the past 2 yrs. Its started as a chore but now its an hobby
  20. gorgo2
    gorgo2 Enrico
    PM me re: Sticky