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  1. Kingpepper
    Retired mechanic in plastics injection molding factory 44.5 years.
  2. Adonis
    Adonis John Beeman
    Hey there! Remember me? We met over our mutual shaving interests back in '15 I think? In Kzoo. ANyway, I just rediscovered The Shave Den after being out of the shaving community for years (still shaving though), and recognized your name. It's awesome you are still active here! I was surprised my login still worked LOL Just thought I'd say Hello!
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  3. MoAllen
    MoAllen Enrico
    The Queen has announced that I am the winner for

    10us. Avon Wild Country Aftershave in milk glass
    Van der Hagen Shave Soap
    4th quarter 1956 Gillette Flare
    Restored 1940's Ever Ready with Maseto Synthetic Knot

    My address:

    Mike Allen
    24413 Nookachamp Hills Drive
    Mount Vernon, WA 98274

    Thanks so much! This will be a birth-year razor for me, and I am looking forward to it.

  4. lngzl
    lngzl Kensurfs
    Amazing videos!
  5. Aaron Mayer
    Aaron Mayer
    That they would be willing to donate. I would be extremely thankful. Not looking for a handout but a hand up. As we say in Texas.
  6. Aaron Mayer
    Aaron Mayer
    As well as learning jewelry making, leather working and engraving. If anyone has any old stones or blades or tools.
  7. Aaron Mayer
    Aaron Mayer
    My passion i would like to pursue. Is making wood canes and sharpening/refurbishing knives. and other blades by hand.
  8. Aaron Mayer
    Aaron Mayer
    Hello guys, asking for help. Recently became disabled, double leg amputee. I'm wanting to start a business.
  9. Nem22
    Always in the West!
  10. dennisthepeasant
    No time for a DFS - stubble FTW!
  11. dennisthepeasant
    No longer have time for DFS! Stubble FTW!
  12. MrEd
    Glad to be a part of the Shave Den...
  13. Lancre
    Don't screw around with old people - the older you get, the less the deterrent power "life inprisonment" has.
  14. Uncle Trojan
    Uncle Trojan
    If I'm not shaving, I'm thinking about shaving or thinking about thinking about shaving.
  15. Mike-R41
    Why would anyone pay $65 for a USED Parker variant?!
  16. Mike-R41
    Who wants to sell their Parker variant or game changer?
  17. Mike-R41
    Anyone have a used Parker variant??? Msg me
  18. Mike-R41
    Just recently got a REX AMBASSADOR
  19. swarden43
    swarden43 Queen of Blades
    Well, hello there! Hope all is well in Tulgey woods!
    I'm missin' your soaps, JoAnna :-)
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  20. Queen of Blades