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  1. Old School
    Old School mr-razor
    Hello Sir, and happy new year!
    If you come across a yellow Monobloc case, please pm me a link or let me know?
    Hope you don't mind my asking ;)
  2. Old School
    Old School
    Another day on the right side of the grass.
  3. Old School
    Old School PLANofMAN
    Happy new year!
    Do you still have that Rooney and Senator I just saw in the marketplace posts?
    Looking for anything yourself?
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    2. PLANofMAN
      The Senator is gone. I still have the Rooney. Not actively looking for anything at the moment, but I'm open to trade offers.
      Jan 2, 2022
  4. mdpmedia
    mdpmedia Billyfergie

    I've got hones I need to ID. Would you mind taking a look at one and answer the questions in my thread?
    I have been having some problems receiving and sending emails via the SD so please respond both via the SD and to my email address, .
    Thanks in advance,
  5. Angelo85
    Just got my birthday gift a day early; I got a vintage Gillette Model no66 with the case!
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  6. footballgeek
    Newbie, here for the long haul
  7. Badger-Face
    “Being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow.” — Reed Markham
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  8. Avalon
    Finally got my first safety razor!
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    2. Kevinwine85
      Which one did you get? BTW Welcome!!!!
      Oct 30, 2021
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    3. Avalon
      Oct 30, 2021
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    4. Kevinwine85
      Thats a good looking razor, and chances are if you get something you like its going to work for you, basically all razors will shave, all blades can nick you if your not careful, but get what you want, then your more determined to learn with it.
      Oct 30, 2021
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  9. Angelo85
    My mother just gave me some clues as to my birthday gift. She said it’s British, Gillette and cost a pretty penny.
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  10. Old School
    Old School SBlongneck
    I've got a really nice slim in a good case I'd let go if you're interested. Lmk and I'll snap some pics for you.
  11. Avalon
    Currently poking at things and figuring out how things work here :)
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  12. Ice Tee
    Ice Tee
    How do I introduce myself in the welcome forum?
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  13. Ice Tee
    Ice Tee
    Loving reading some posts but do not know how to put a reply up?
    1. IAmTheJody
      There is a link at the bottom of every post titled 'Reply'. Just click on it.
      Sep 22, 2021
  14. Cutthroat_trout
  15. Jhona
    Jhona shaveman
    Hello just wanted to know are you still selling your PAA Meta?
  16. Greg Jett
    Greg Jett sparky5693
    Hi I’m Greg I’m very new to this forum. I’m trying to get some info on a straight razor I found. It is a very clean George Wostenholm & son sole manufacturer of the original & true razor . Sheffield England. With ivory handle. It’s in very good condition with box. Any info on age and value would be great thanks.
  17. ojshaves
    Waiting for my hair to grow...
  18. Kingpepper
    Retired mechanic in plastics injection molding factory 44.5 years.
  19. Adonis
    Adonis John Beeman
    Hey there! Remember me? We met over our mutual shaving interests back in '15 I think? In Kzoo. ANyway, I just rediscovered The Shave Den after being out of the shaving community for years (still shaving though), and recognized your name. It's awesome you are still active here! I was surprised my login still worked LOL Just thought I'd say Hello!
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  20. lngzl
    lngzl Kensurfs
    Amazing videos!