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  1. gorgo2
    gorgo2 jimjo1031
    Howdy, Brit says to ask if you may have an extra NEW?
  2. Gian
  3. Thashavecave
    Just recently started wet shaving. Wish I'd started as a youngster.
  4. Hogie
    I'm loving the Razorine "Flatboy"
  5. Hogie
    Put the shavette down! It's NOT a straight razor!
  6. Hogie
    Trying to decide which avatar to use...
  7. Hogie
    I like open edge razors!
  8. Hogie
    wishing the rain would stop so I can RIDE my Harley!
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  9. Jason47
    Jason47 BBS
    Hi BBS read your post about the Ever Sharp hydro magics.

    Can you Please helo me with mine? Il send some pics
    1. Jason47
      How do i send you pics?
      Apr 9, 2022
  10. Dragon
    Dragon thekinge
    If you ever feel like parting with your 10 NOS Psycho razors please keep me in mind.
    Many thanks
  11. Mike-R41
    Mike-R41 gssixgun
    Glen is awsome! The honing masta!
  12. jay_gatz
    jay_gatz jimjo1031
    Do you have an email I can send these scans to? Did 600 dpi jpg. Look pretty good.
  13. jay_gatz
    jay_gatz Aztecmike
    You really need those instructions?
    1. Aztecmike
      Sent you a pm
      Feb 27, 2022
  14. SterFry
    SterFry gssixgun
    Hello, sir. I'd like to send you that Torrey if that offer still stands. It was also suggested that I requested that you strop it for me as well, so that I have no opportunity to affect the edge after getting it back by stropping it myself? I can compensate you for your efforts.

    Thank you so much for your offer
    1. gssixgun
      Sending you a pm
      Feb 27, 2022
  15. jay_gatz
    jay_gatz jimjo1031
    Looks like I got luck again! Thanks for the generous donation to the raffle. I’ve always wanted a Black Tip SS.

    Thanks again for your generosity!
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  16. poppi
    poppi Aztecmike
    Hello. Lucky enough to be picked a winner in the TSD raffle. BTW, noticed you're in Des Moines. I was born/raised around Marshalltown. Graduated there long long ago but enjoyed my time there. Thanks for your participation and willingness to share
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  17. jay_gatz
    jay_gatz MoAllen
    Good Morning! Looks like I was a lucky winner in the raffle. Your Polsilver Blades were my choice. Thanks so much for making the donation, and I have actually never used the discontinued/recontinued/what about wizamet blade, so it should be fun.

    Thanks again!
  18. brit
    brit jtspartan
    hello J..
  19. gorgo2
    gorgo2 battle.munky
    If you're ever interested in parting with the Hamilton...
    1. battle.munky
      Never!!!! There's sentimental attachment involved. It's damn nice but I didn't wear it often enough to get used to an auto before the Apple Watch arrived and stole all my wrist time.

      If ever I do though, you'll be the first to be alerted.
      Feb 15, 2022
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  20. Dragon
    Dragon jmsodpc
    Does the code still work? Who is it with? Thanks