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  1. jaro
    Doing okay.. We have been having some "nice" weather here ( upper 70's low 80's ) So enjoying taking the kids to the park and whatnot..
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  2. sidpost
    Enjoying a new safety razor!
  3. cherry jeems
    cherry jeems
    cherry jeems
  4. PLANofMAN
    First person to describe a hybrid knot and call it that. Co-inventor of the Gillette Slant. A son of the Living God, and child of Christ.
  5. pocosso
  6. pocosso
    Una Faza, Una Raza!
  7. Bird Lives
  8. Lockback
    "I've been scaled. I'm smooth now."
  9. Dragon
    Dragon Enrico
    Hi Enrico. If you ever want to part with your Butterscotch beauty or have any other works of art for sale, please contact me. I collect the best examples of brushes for my collection.
    Many thanks
  10. Bird Lives
    Bird Lives Jayaruh
    Hey Jim, hope all is going good with you and yours.

    I haven't been able to sign on to tost3 last night or today. Is something going wrong there or is something wrong on my end.

    I hope it's something simple and extremely temporary.
  11. swarden43
    swarden43 Bird Lives
    What's hap'nin'?
    Great to see you back around!
    You doing okay?
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    2. Bird Lives
      Bird Lives
      Hello my friend...everything is great! I've been here and there...lived in Seattle for a few years and now I've settled in a sweet Villa in Southside Turkey on the Mediterranean.

      Thanks for asking...who, what, where and how are you, and yours...and your moustache doing?
      Dec 4, 2022
  12. Bird Lives
    Bird Lives HoosierTrooper
    Yo Steveless.... This is Bird my man's my favourite shave meister?
    You still making the scene?
  13. nikos
    nikos ischiapp
    Thank you for enlightening me ischiapp…I’ll see how i will handle all this…thank you again
  14. Dunkin78
    Shaving Merchant Marine
  15. ButterFaceX
    Alive..Live, Love & Shave.. Shave Free or Die ..TD NH
  16. neiasden
    neiasden Trigger
    private messages just are not working for me I don't know what the deal is it gives me a post to comment option on everybody but only gives me a start a conversation with some people? anyhow love your name
    1. Trigger
      Sep 28, 2022
  17. neiasden
    neiasden gssixgun
    thank you for replying. I am probably following in your footsteps. I bought a strop from duke City vintage shaving and we've been close every since. I have everything I need to take one apart and put it back together and most of the knowledge to get it done. I don't know how to private message but thank you so much for replying this is really great.
  18. MacDaDad
    MacDaDad Old School
    Mike, Gary tells me that you might have a Tech hybrid for sale, let me know your asking price and I will let you know.


  19. neiasden
    neiasden Wullie
    I wish I knew how you guys learned so much. there aren't many books I have all the books you can easily find I have the titles of some hard to find ones on celluloid handles and makers marks but where do you get this information when you say you research something?
  20. neiasden
    neiasden gssixgun
    where do you find your information at? you sound like you know so much and I can't find anything. there's got to be some places besides the simple Google searches with some info on straight razors
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    2. gssixgun
      First on the SRP forum, it really is the repository on all thing SR

      Here on TSD we have quite a few actual experts too

      Plus I started using them in 1981 and have been honing and restoring them since 2006 professionally.. I know things hehehehe
      Sep 27, 2022
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