$1.25 razor lot :)

Discussion in 'Razor Restoration' started by TestDepth, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. TestDepth

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    This lot of scissors and razors hit my radar last week: (seller’s photos)
    It was at $0.75 starting price and caught my eye. The ERN Crown & Sword scales looked good, but the shoulderless razor looked like the prize of the lot.
    It had 6 pics, so no surprises.
    Obviously I had a little chip work if I won, but it wasn’t scaring me away at 75 cents and Free Shipping!!!! Plus I get scissors :).

    For some reason I determined $4 was my ceiling, bid, and won it for $1.25, all in... and I was honestly pretty pumped.

    Got the razors in yesterday, and I have to say I was not disappointed.

    Grabbing a cup of coffee... I’ll be back with what showed up and some quick work last night.
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  2. TestDepth

    TestDepth Well-Known Member

    Starting with the “prize razor” of the lot. It is an unmarked 7/8, shoulderless vintage razor in Bakelite scales.
    I like the profile and the chips are the easier of the 2 to take care of. So marked up the shape of what I wanted and took it to the Shapton 220.
    Went spine leading strokes with a focus on the heel, then feathering it into the entire edge, I like where it landed.
    I dare say this may be worth a full $1 of the $1.25 now. :)

    Now what to do with the ERN???
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    That is a great story. Congrats. It will costs more to ship it than to buy it.
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  4. TestDepth

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    The ERN posed a few questions...
    Throw away the blade and keep the nice scales? No, I have to have some fun with the blade...

    But it is only 5/8 and that chip will definitely make me lose 1/16 or more if I keep the profile. So I started weighing my options. I could get rid if the heel like this:
    I’ve done that before, but makes a very flexible blade without the shoulder. I also like to remove the shoulder to blend it in, which would take out some of the tang stamp.

    I went with changing the geometry a tad by removing the chip and creating a wider blade at the toe. Not quite a normal German blade shape, but for 25 cents, I’ll take my chances.

    Here is the result:
    Doesn’t look as bad in person, and still kept the majority of the blade near 5/8.

    Now off to the hones to sharpen. Enjoy your projects.
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  5. TestDepth

    TestDepth Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jim. Yeah, $1.25 was a crazy surprise... and I even like the scissors. Something else to practice my sharpening on. :)

    And glad you are doing better.

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