11/16 French Razor Le Hyalin

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  1. M14Shooter

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    Picked this razor up for $3.00 Blade only .Original owner could not hone it to a shave ready edge .

    Razor was made by P. Fritiss in Paris . Blade is marked Veritas .Box is marked Le Hyalin

    Took over an hour to set bevel using 1 K Sharpton Glass .Progressed with Sharpton Glass up to 8 K.
    Switched to my J-Nat to Finish the edge .This was some very hard French steel .

    For scales I selected a used pair of horn .If I like this razor I may put some fancy new scales on her .But she has to earn a new pair of shoes .Plan on shaving with her in the morning .
    rps20180903_184647_698.jpg rps20180903_184811_569.jpg
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  2. DaltonGang

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    Those scales should look fine, once shaved down to shape, sanded, and polished. You won't even need to take the pins out. I would use a Dremel sander, to shape it, then sand all the way up to 2000+ grit paper, in progression.

    Oh, be sure to use a few layers of electrical tape, on the edge. Just in case.
  3. M14Shooter

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    Thats what I plan on doing .Looking forward to she how she shaves .Pops arm hair like crazy ! .Restored two razor Today .Ran out of time to completely finish scales .Tomorrow is another day .;)
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  4. DaltonGang

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    Excellent work today. I have those days, where i do nothing but restlre. Honing takes more time, and is much more tedious.

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