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    I've been using the Merkur Future and, more recently, it's Qshave clone. If you've had one of these you know that the adjustment scale ranges from 1-6 with stops at either end. But when you take the razor completely apart (for occasional deep cleanings), it's possible to hit the stop early on reassembling it, leaving the razor in a state that could be called a "7-12" range. Generally, you'll notice this right away - - if not visually, then certainly as soon as you use it. Except that, apparently, I didn't. So, for the past few months I've been shaving at a setting of 11! My shaves haven't been very good and I did nick myself mildly a couple of times, but I had chalked that all up to lazy technique. Problem now is that I'm having trouble going back to a regular setting! I've got it set on 6 and it feels like it's barely cutting. LOL!
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    Another few shaves at 11 and you'd be on your way to shave nirvana.

    Thanks for the info!

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    It is the same problem for both 11 and your regular settings: the angle (and maybe pressure too). The key to a close shave with mild razors/settings is to use the correct angle. When using more aggressive razors/settings it will cut even if the angle is slightly off but with irritation as punishment.
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