1946 Gillette No.26 Bathroom Set.

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  1. dangermouse

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    Made in England

    I love my 1940's Gillette Tech which comes, as part of the bathroom set, in a brown bakelite stand for the razor and has a special compartment for new and used blades. The stand is perfectly designed so that your thumb can slide out a blade or the razors head.

    The original came with a two part handle, which mine doesn't have. At some point, in it's seventy four year history, someone swapped the original handle for an unbranded ball end handle, which fits the case and the razor perfectly. It looks terrific and has it's own history.

    The bakelite holder is in great shape, it has a few little marks but shone up beautifully using the Novus three step polishing pastes made for plastic.

    The shave is fantastic. I have just shaved with this razor for the very first time. I've had one of the best shaves ever! It was smooth, comfortable and close. The razor is beautiful weighted.

    This is one of my treasures and, while it isn't the even more beautiful 1948 bathroom set, I am very pleased with it. In fact, for the £20 it cost me, I'm ecstatic. 20200801_173822-1.jpg
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    Nice set.........
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  3. brit

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    awesome set ..:)
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    Supporting Vendor
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  5. tonich

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    Here is a Canadian bathroom set in RARE Green bakelite stand!
    The the right 2-piece handle knirling is different, so is the Tech head (Gillette Montreal Canada didn't make the FB version of the Tech).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. Enrico

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  7. dangermouse

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    Wow. Green - that's fantastic.
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  8. Ijustmissedthe50s

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    That's a really sweet set. Love that case...and the part about the unknown handle is just a cool way of looking at it! Thanks for sharing a neat set.
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    Both are beautiful, gentlemen! Thank you for sharing them with us.
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