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    I am still new to wet shaving (less than a month). Can anyone explain to me why a 1959 or near year Gillette Fatboy is such a popular razor? I've seen them mentioned on many shaving forums in passing. I see them going for a pretty penny on eBay. I was hoping for some more information regarding the specific razor in question as to why it's such a big hit or collector item. Any info would be awesome especially from those who have one. Thank you!

    Specifics of what I am wondering:
    What would be a good price to pay for a functional one (regardless of looks if it can be restored)?

    Can all razor blades work in such an old model or will vintage blades be required?

    The adjustable aspect means exactly what?
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    Gillette produced the Fatboy for only 4 years ('58-'61) so that may contribute to its popularity and high selling prices. I personally think the FB has taken on a life of its own. It has a good solid heft to it and provides a very good shave. I own a 1961 (G1) FB and really enjoy it. Your choice of blade in the the FB will matter too.

    An adjustable razor means that you can set its level of efficiency or aggressiveness. The higher you set the dial number, the more blade gap is exposed making a more aggressive shave.

    All of today's blades will fit the FB. No special blades required.

    What should you pay? That depends on how much you think it's worth. If you stay awake at night thinking of ways to alter your life and plot the death of others so you can get one, then maybe you'll pay considerably more than someone who could take it or leave it.

    My advice: Learn how to identify one and tell it apart from it's brother the Slim and go to antique stores or estate sales and look around. With its current popularity, there's no telling what you will pay on eBay, but, in my opinion, it ain't worth it.

    Welcome to the den. Be sure and check out TSD Store. Great stuff over there.
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    There will be some people along with an exact answer for you maybe the one above is (I dont know as im no expert) I do own a fatboy and a slim both are very nice:), Its a 59 year, i didnt go looking for a 59 it was at a price I was willing to pay,
    The fatboy is very popular as randy said EBAY is prob not the cheapest place to get a FB these days. Saying that if you did pay the going price and decide its not for you you will more or less get your money back reselling it:)
    there was a thread posted here http://theshaveden.com/forums/threads/instead-of-a-fatboy.24966/
    Which lists some instead of options (most opinions are the slim, I tend to use my slim more that the FB anyway)

    And yess all modern blades will work in the FB but you may prefere a different to what you use in another razor:)
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    Yes, check antique shops and malls and flea markets.
    I have three Fatboys. One was given to me by a coworker. The other two were from antique shops - $2 a piece!
    I'll be giving one of those away during our March PIF month! NOTE: THE LINK IS FROM LAST YEAR.
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    The Gillette Fatboy, has a very distinct personality.I concur that blade choice is key to how it will perform. Also the adjustment you choose, I personally use 5 or 6 dial setting.

    It also has a learning curve to achieve the optimal shave. less pressure works the best, head angle is key also.

    I picked up off the Bay at a reasonable price. The do command high $ off the Bay lately. Check around your Antique stores and flea markets for one also as has been suggested. Also look for a Slim you should able to find one fairly reasonable. Their performance is equal to a Fatboy, some prefer it over using a Fatboy.

    Good luck on your shaving journey.
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    Another vote here for checking antique malls and estate auctions. I hit flea markets frequently as I can and have found any Gillette razor far less likely to show up at a flea markets than antique malls or estates...it happens but it's become very rare. Maybe it's just my area but I think part of it the assumption that you'll pay more for the same razor at an antique mall than at a flea. That may be generally true but not always. Fleas just get hit and picked over faster. $1 is the cheapest I've ever given for a Fatboy, and $4 for another, just a few weeks ago. Both antique mall finds...and dozens of other razors I've forgotten.

    But they ARE out there, you just have to go hunting, which can be fun by itself. It pays to look around, and ASK around at these places - sometimes they forget they've got a box of razors in a back room; I've had that happen, too. :)
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    3 yrs ago I got my FatBoy on e-bay for $50. One yr later I got one for my son for $60. Today on e-bay they seem to sell in the low $60s, and up depending on condition. Therefore, I'd say low $60s is the fair and common e-bay market price for a basic FB. There seems to be a cottage industry of finding them at antique stores and flipping them on e-bay, so if you are willing to do the legwork, antique stores is the way to go. If you are like me, a concerted fast shop on e-bay is more my speed, however that can be time consuming too as the e-bay auction frenzie can often work against you. You might try googling FB to see if there are any other non-ebay sellers. To me, a FB is worth having at $60-65.
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  8. Neolithium

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    I ended up getting ninja'd on one the other night and the guy got it for $45; I was a little peeved at my performance. If you can stick it out for ending auctions you can easily find some for ~$60, the bloody BIN prices though seem to stay at a minimum $100, most hitting the $200 mark, which is great for a flawless collector piece, but for something you'll use, that's way outta my price range.
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    I got my '58 at an antique store for $9, two weeks ago. So far I love it, since I have big hands and it is hefty.
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    Got mine at a junkie antique store that somehow knew what it is they had. They wanted $50 (if I recall) and I haggled them to $35. Mine was in near perfect shape with only minimal wear and even had the original case with the magnifying lens cover - sweeeet! I love mine - the look, the feel, and the shave. I also love my $4 antique store Slim adjustable, which is in excellent shape! I like the Slim because it gets around the nose and lips better than the Fat Boy, but I prefer the balance and handle feel of the FB better. Also, the head geometry between them is different - the Slim being flatter and the FB being more arched, which affects how you hold it and how it shaves, to some degree. Both are excellent and both take regular garden variety DE blades of your preference. If you get one of either, start at settings 1 or 2 and proceed from there. Happy Shaving!:shaver -John (P.S. The $4 Slim mentioned above was purchased in November as a replacement for the one I got when I first got into DE shaving, which has belonged to my wife for about two years or so. FYI The $4 antique store Slim is in better cosmetic shape than the first one that I bought on Ebay at $23!) Enjoy the hunt!
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