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    Why did I wait to get this razor? It has quickly moved into a top favorite spot of mine. Now that the Long Handled HD is here (38C), I thought I would review the Classic Long Handle. The weight of this razor is a little lighter than I'm used to with a B&B, Fat/Slim boy, SS red-tip, and Futur but it is a welcome change. I find its weight on par with that of the Gillette SS type razor with the exception the red-tip. I find my blade angle is better with a longer handle because it seems that I am holding the handle further away from my face and almost parallel to the ground. The blade exposure is the same as the HD and the 38C so if you like those razors you will like this one. As with the HD, this is easy to use except that it is a three-piece as opposed to a two-piece so I took a point for the extra step. The grip is knurled to provide comfort as well as hold. The price for this razor is outstanding as you can get this for under $25.

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