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Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by mbastings, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. mbastings

    mbastings Active Member

    I have used Masters Bay Rum aftershave for quite some time now and as of this post it is my favorite Bay Rum aftershave. I have been looking at the variety of Masters aftershaves at Appleton Barber Supply, and am interested in purchasing some of theirs. The Masters Well Comb site is not very helpful and the Appleton site offers no real description of the scents. So, alas I turn to my Shave Den friends to enlighten me once more. If any of you have experience with any of the others could you describe them please. I know that scent is subjective, but any help is appreciated.

    For instance...is the Masters Spice similar to Old Spice, and is Iceland Breeze like Barbasol Brisk. And what the heck does Topaz, Focus, Checker Flag, Lord and Master, and Champagne smell like???
  2. Bobcat

    Bobcat Well-Known Member

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  3. mbastings

    mbastings Active Member

  4. Williams Warrior

    Williams Warrior Well-Known Member

    Stay away from Lord and Master, it sucks! The Lilac Vegetal smells great though.
  5. feeltheburn

    feeltheburn Well-Known Member

    That's just cruel. :) Apparently the Lilac Vegetal decides if it likes you and it didn't like me.
  6. Williams Warrior

    Williams Warrior Well-Known Member

    Master vegetal didn't like you? It has such a nice sweet smell I figured everyone would be chosen by that brand.
  7. 178-bplatoon

    178-bplatoon Well-Known Member

    Does Masters Lilac Vegital smell anything like Clubman Vegital?
  8. DLreno

    DLreno Well-Known Member

    I am a loyal user of Master Musk and Blue. The Bay Rum is decent, but a little sweet for me.
  9. Williams Warrior

    Williams Warrior Well-Known Member

    I've only smelled Pinaud in the bottle, but I've gone through a bottle of the Master and they don't smell anything alike at least sniffing the bottle.
  10. feeltheburn

    feeltheburn Well-Known Member

    I completely missed the difference there. I don't think I've ever smelled the Master version. I'll take back what I said until I get a chance to smell it. :)
  11. otherstar

    otherstar Rodney Dangerfield of TSD

    Master Topaz is a very nice spice A/S along the lines of Old Spice, but with more amber.
  12. 178-bplatoon

    178-bplatoon Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info "WW"....I guess some Masters Lilac Vegital in now on the "got to get" list..:happy097:
  13. stingraysrock

    stingraysrock PIF'd away his custom title

    At one time, I bought every flavor of Master's available. I gave all of them but two away because the smell made me want to hurl.

    The two I kept = Focus (smells like Brut) and Jade (smells like Polo.)

    [EDIT] I do not agree with the descriptions Gary at Shoebox gives for Focus and Jade.
  14. Hanzo

    Hanzo Well-Known Member

    I used many of the Masters line in the past . Master's Spice is a little like Old Spice but much more like TOBS Shaving Shop, has a mellower more barber shop smell than Old Spice, I still use this one. Iceland Breeze or is it Focus I forget which one is if I remember correctly a musty kind of violet fragrance.

    Champagne I think is based on a Ralph Lauren fragrance but can't recall the name, didn't really like it . Topaz is the penultimate American Barber shop deal , very powdery and sweet. Lord and Master has a orange smell and is pleasant enough.

    The overlooked one and the one I would highly recommend is Master's Astrigent. It has the fragrance of the Master's Lilac Vegetal but its skin care component is a notch above other Master's, it has witch hazel and aloe.

    The only Master's I 'd rebuy are the Spice and Astringent.

    I think Master's is basically a barbershop line and made with the cost needs of barber shops in mind.

    I happen to really like barber shop fragranced stuff so I found the Booster line a little better than Master's in terms of skin care , must be the glycerin. Booster's Jickey, Aquarius, Moss wood, Polar Ice are the Canadian Barber shop equivalents of Masters and to me a bit better.
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  15. PLANofMAN

    PLANofMAN Paperboy

    Article Team
    Am I the only one who didn't realize Master's made more than just Bay Rum?
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  16. LifesShort

    LifesShort Well-Known Member

    I have the Champagne and can't say for sure if I like it. I try it from time to time and it's just OK. I do like the Astringent. It has a decent scent but is dies off quickly and doesn't clash with aftershave or cologne. I also have the Bay Rum and, although I'm not really a Bay Rum fan, it's pretty good.
  17. DLreno

    DLreno Well-Known Member

    I find the Topaz to be good, but quite powerful. When I use it I use it sparingly, or as a cologne. It really reminds me of my childhood barber shop.
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  18. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    Which Vegital was the one that Mr. Napoleon Bonaparte had for his infantry?
  19. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    There now appears to be an issue over whether Nappy actually DID use Lilac Vegetal for his infantry. Oh well, that doesn't matter to me, as I wouldn't choose that one anyway.
  20. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    good quote from the 26th POTUS.

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