A OneBlade Razor For $50?!?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by mantic, May 28, 2017.

  1. mantic

    mantic U TOOB

    It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the OneBlade razor. Many wet shaving enthusiasts have expressed interest in OneBlade too, but the razor's price held some back.

    Now there may be no more excuses. OneBlade has created a version of their razor from inexpensive materials and have just announced pre-orders at...$50!

    The new razor, known as "OneBlade Core," is very similar in design (same blade, same head specifications, visually similar) to the original OneBlade but is made mostly from plastic (though there is a Stainless Steal rod in the handle to give the razor better stiffness, weight, and balance. OneBlade has reserved 250 units for Sharpologist readers. Shipping scheduled for around June 9.

    Am I getting a OneBlade Core to evaluate? Darn right I am! I've been promised one of the first production razors and I will be posting my review on Sharpologist and on my Youtube channel soon. But if you're hankerin' for a OneBlade you may not want to wait. At that price the first production run is sure to sell out quickly.
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  2. Sabre

    Sabre Well-Known Member

    I just ordered mine :).
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  3. captnronfl

    captnronfl Well-Known Member

    mantic I just ordered mine using your link.
    Maybe it will help to get it to me quicker.... Ok stop that laughing....
  4. Shaver X

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    Fifty dollars and it is made from inexpensive materials? Sorry, but for me that dog just don't hunt. That is especially true when I can get a beautifully made, all metal Edwin Jagger DE89 for $35 that gives excellent shaves. A metal OneBlade costs over ten times that amount. When OneBlade fixes their price / value issues, I will be a lot more interested in their products.
  5. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    And Shaver X you are far smarter and more reasonable than I am. No pun or criticism intended! I wish I had your constraint! But, sadly I don't! I also wish I had all the money I spent of the last 40 years on razor cartridges! I wish I had you ability to resist the new! But, sadly I am always looking for that magic razor, the magic shave. One that doesn't rough my face up, doesn't cut my face up and doesn't leave me with weepers, or a chemically burned feeling on my face. Red and all that! And, All that without terrific technique, care, intelligence and skill. However I have found in my 1st shave, The Oneblade $50 version doesn't do that. Especially when it falls apart in one shave. If it didn't I think I would have found shaving Nirvana! All for $50? But, I am simply stupid, I guess? Will I stop looking? No! Will I give up looking? No! Someone out there will make that magic shaving device!!! That new perfect razor? Someone who doesn't produce a razor that everyone chases that costs an arm and a leg and also isn't really available? and, is really no different then an ancient Gillette tech! And I hope razor selling/construction will change drastically!! And for far less than $400!! There's no plastic that is as good at anything steel or brass or stainless steel isn't better at! And---That ain't Harry's and that also ain't dollar anything! We're talking shaving here I think? Razors are very much like toilet paper for most of us. Let's have something that is advertised that actually works and lasts the way the advertising claims??? Wouldn't that be wonderful!!!! I will try again with my Core razor. This after repairing it and hoping it will hold together---with delicate care!!! Something I never anticipated, for sure!
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  6. McHale

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    This is one razor that is worth avoiding for a while. There's plenty of reports of people having issues pushing the blade in and when they finally get it in, it cuts into the plastic. Plastic blade stops in this kind of loading system is a disaster waiting to happen. I think it would be worth waiting to see what problems people have after a couple months at a minimum.
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  7. blashe

    blashe Well-Known Member

    yup I heard the razor has some issues being non efficient + its very mild
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  8. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    June 16, 2017
    OneBlade Core
    “Amgios” Simpson CH2 Synthetic
    MdC Fougere
    Myrsol Agua Balsamica


    Before I get into the shave I wanted to take the time to note some of the issues with the razor. As mentioned earlier the total weight of the razor is fine but the balance is all in the handle with the head feeling weightless by comparison. Many have noted a rough spot on the back right below the blade slot. It appears to be where the mold was cut. It did not have an impact on the shave but is worth noting. Other than that I had no issues with the construction of the razor. I had no issues inserting or removing the blade. You do have to lift up on the blade gently as you remove it.

    For the maiden shave I went with the Feather blades included with the Core. I honestly threw out all my techniques for SE and DE shaving and approached the razor as I would a cartridge razor. Ignoring the instruction sheet, I did apply pressure during the shave. For the shave I went XTG, ATG followed by touch ups along my jawline and mouth. I do have trouble spots on the bottom of my neck in the collar area that are almost impossible to get BBS without irritation. As such I do not try for perfection in those areas but do expect and achieve a near perfect shave over the remainder of my face. The Core easily meet my expectations of a near perfect BBS shave. Better yet it was done without any drama or irritation of any kind.

    Is the Core the perfect razor. I would say no because many want to test their skills and hone their technique. I do think it will appeal to those coming from a cartridge background. They don't have the high expectations of fit and finish but do want a good easy shave. I plan to use this over the Core over the next couple of weeks and see if my initial impressions remain unchanged. At this point I am starting to think of what I sell to get a OneBlade Genesis
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  9. Herm2502

    Herm2502 off to elf practice

    I just got my Core yesterday. I rarely buy a new razor (as opposed to vintage) but the OneBlade had always piqued my curiosity and the Core is a price I can live with. Will try it out when I have time to pay attention closely. If it performs as well as it looks I'll be happy. But my wife already commented that the head seemed cheap and likely to break. We'll see.

  10. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    Thank you both for the write up in the pics. Curiosity got the best of me too and mine is making it way across the Pacific now.
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  11. ninjack

    ninjack Well-Known Member

    Got mine Wednesday and have had 3 shaves with it so far using the same blade. I have to say I like it very much. It does exactly what I was expecting it to do, which is give a close comfortable shave quickly. I have gotten use to getting close smooth shaves from safety razors over the last few years, but sometimes I don't have the time to do it properly (with brush nice shave soaps, good face prep). Sometimes I need to just splash some water on my face rub some quick shave cream on and shave. If I can do this and be done in 5 minutes or less and still get a close comfortable shave with no irritation, then I'm happy. Cartridges like the Fusion can do a decent job, but seem to irritate my neck when doing 3 passes to get a smooth shave, also I don't like the way it feels having multiple blades scraping across my face anymore. Since I started shaving with safety razors any time I use a cartridge I cringe a little at the feeling of those 5 blades at work. The Core allows me to get a quick yet smooth shave without the irritation I get from a cartridge. I would say my shaves with the Core are on par with a mild de razor as far as results go. I have had closer shaves with more aggressive razors, but it does get a pretty close shave.
    I will agree that the head of the Core does seem a little cheap when compared to the handle. The stainless steel core of the handle gives it a quality feel to it, where as the head is very light and seems like it could break easily if dropped. I guess time will tell how well the plastic holds up. I love the design of it and wish I could afford the Stainless steel version, but don't see anything wrong with the plastic, if it holds up. I have used the same blade 3 times so far and will try for a 4th tomorrow morning. I will take my time and prep my face properly and use a brush and good soap or cream as well to see if I can get a little better results on my neck. One thing that surprised me is that I really don't notice the head flexing when using it. I'm not sure if it's just because I'm so use to shaving with a safety where you must use good technique, but I thought the head would flex much easier. I feel like I have to push down quite a bit to get it to flex when using it. I really don't want to push so hard when shaving so I'm not sure how much good the flexing head is really doing for me. I have never tried a single edge safety razor before, so I have no way how it compares to one. Overall I'm happy with my purchase. If the plastic used is really tough enough to hold up then maybe it will last for many years. At least I hope so.
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  12. Herm2502

    Herm2502 off to elf practice

    Thanks for the input. I'll try mine this weekend. As for the head flexing, Mantic59 in his writeup said much the same thing, but he stressed not using pressure. The instructions say to place the flat part of the head against your skin and let the razor do it's thing.

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  13. ninjack

    ninjack Well-Known Member

    I hope you enjoy yours as much as I am mine. I can see it's not for everyone, but it's nice to be able to get a good shave even when you don't have the time to do a proper wet shave.
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  14. ram57

    ram57 Don't Open til Christmas

    I have both versions, got the CORE as a gift from daughter early Fathers Day gift and used it for the first time today.

    If you are expecting SS grade quality in a $50 presale or $69 price you are only fooling yourself. The CORE is really light, lighter in my hand than expected but that did not prevent me from having a near BBS two pass shave. The lighter weight did not provide the closeness in shave that the GENESIS provides me but a darn good shave none the less. I looked my razor over pretty good and have zero issues as some have noted above. With this razor or the GENESIS for that matter you let the razor do the work, I do not apply any pressure let the razor head flex to do its magic. One thing I do like with the CORE and GENESIS is that I have no fear of cutting myself. Reminds me of the smoothness of a Feather AS-D1/D2 in which I can zip along quickly on face and neck and don't have any fear of drawing blood. For $49 I think it is a fair price for the quality of shave I know I will obtain from this razor and will it result in me giving up my GENESIS. Not quite or at least at this point as it does take a bit of getting use to the different shave style/angle technique and the lighter weight. Now Tritan is a strong, durable polymer and even used in medical equipment so I don't have any fear of the razor cracking on me, but I believe if they made an aluminum version or a little added weight they will hit the sweet spot for most wet shavers in quality of shave and affordability. Just my opinion and like everything else in our little shaving world, YMMV.
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  15. captnronfl

    captnronfl Well-Known Member

    Just did my first shave and have to say I'm disappointed.
    No where as close as my Gillette W-3 TTO.
    Forget comparing it to my Hawk which was $15 cheaper.
    Of course I had to trade out a handle from a cheap razor from China to get the right balance on the Hawk.
    I do think that who they design it for will be a hit.
    I have 9 blades left and 10 Feather Seikan Razor Blades coming to try also before I make my final decision.
    Got to go
    Big storm.
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  16. Boojum1

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    My new travel razor

  17. captnronfl

    captnronfl Well-Known Member

    Ok Let me finish up now that the storms have moved on.

    Just did my first shave and have to say I'm disappointed.
    Funny how some are saying that they got great shaves.
    Maybe I have a bad shaving technique or something.
    I shaved just like I normally do.
    I hopped in the shower. I put my brush in hot water letting it soak for a few minutes.
    I wash while getting plenty of hot water on my face.
    I use 4 drops of shaving oil follow by a coating of Proraso in the green tub.
    Shave WTG. Rinse and repeat with oil and Proraso shaving AcrossTG. Repeat with shaving AgainstTG.
    Then I rinse and wash my face with soap.
    With plenty of soap still on, I feel out any spots that need a touch up.
    That's it.

    It was nowhere as close as my Gillette Super Speed W-3 TTO.
    Forget comparing it to my RazoRock Satin Silver Hawk which was $20 cheaper then the CORE.
    Of course I had to trade out a handle from a cheap razor from China to get the right balance on the Hawk but I already had it.
    The only thing I can say is that I did not have to pay that much attention to how I shaved with the CORE.
    With all the other razors, I have to be careful with them as they will bite me if I don't.
    Don't get me going on the the bloodletting Ikon El Jefe.
    I still have more blades to try out on it though.
    I must be masochist :shocked002:
    I stay hopeful as it gave me the closest shave I ever had... minus a few layers of skin.

    I do think that who they design the CORE for might be ok but there are too many other choices out there.
    I have 9 blades left and 10 Feather Seikan Razor Blades coming to try before I make my final decision.
    That means I will have to shave every other day.
    I usually shave every three days or so.
    However if you ask me right now if I would buy one knowing what I know right now, I would say no.
    I am very disappointed with it right now.
    Of course I was hoping to get the same shave or at least close to their Genesis.

    I have a clone Merkur Futur coming but I have heard that there are problems with them too including the real Futur's. I was looking at getting a Merkur Vision but they stopped making them and they are hard to find at a decent price. Of course that is the reason that I did not buy a General or any of the other high end of the rainbow priced razors.
    With the clone Futur coming, I have 12 razors leaving me broke.
    What was I thinking again... oh yeah it's going to be cheaper than the cartridges and I will save money. :sad027:
    I have three TTO's. The old 1951 Gillette Super Speed W-3 being the best shaver for me so far. I only bought it because it is the first year for them to do the lettering for years. I have another Super Speed TTO which is a 1952 X-1 that is my birth razor. Shaves like crap though. I need to take it apart and clean it up. The doors hang and don't close evenly. I'm looking for another X-1 that is a good shaver as I haven't figured out how to get it completely apart yet. I got the nut out and that is as far as I have gotten. Then I have a Uncle Ding "special" TTO which I won't even try because it is so crappy.
    I know there are others on the forum that have gotten them and fixed them to get good shaves.
    I feel that I will be doing a Pif in the near future with it. :rofl:
    I just don't need all the razors I have and lets not even talk about the blades for all of them... :kar:
    I feel like I'm in search of the Holy Grail or maybe Don Quixote. :kngt:
    The "Search" continues..........
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  18. Jayaruh

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    That's OneBlade I won't be trying.
  19. Puma

    Puma Well-Known Member

    Good one, Jim. And I too am going to pass.
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  20. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    Good write up, I too am on a quixotic search. I can't help but want try everything. Mine is on the way and if I don't like it I'll just sell it, but I'm curious to try it.
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