A Wet Shaver's Revelation

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    A Wet Shaver’s Revelation

    I have been at this wet shaving thing for about 20 years, but I have only been using a DE for a little over a year now. In the beginning I joined this forum and read all I could. I didn’t participate much in the beginning because I didn’t feel I had anything to offer, but as time went by I would ask the occasional question, comment on somebody’s post, or cite some personal experience relevant to the thread.

    While soaking up as much as I could I spent every shaving minute putting into practice what I had learned. Things like, how to lather this soap or that cream, how much water to use, which blade to use with this razor or that one, which direction to shave which part of your face and in what order, and things of that nature. After several weeks and then several months had passed, I had some good shaves and some bad shaves, but with this wealth of knowledge I had accumulated, I felt my wet shaving train was on the proverbial right track and my shaves were reflecting the knowledge I had gained. I moved forward feeling more confident and more confident. Then one day a bad shave got it’s hackles up, raised up on it’s haunches, and reared its ugly head, and I felt I was once again relegated to beginner status. Ok, let’s revisit all that knowledge I thought I had. Racking my brain, searching through pages of posts, I had a revelation. Oh yeah……I forgot……I’m not supposed to use any pressure. Problem solved.

    Confidence building one again, I proceeded through my daily shaving routine, applying the little tips and tricks I picked up in this post or in that thread, until………...Once again there is that snarling beast of a bad shave, barring it’s fangs and growling with an almost mocking tone. I beat him before I can beat him again. This time it was my angle, but I corrected it because of somebody’s post telling me to hold the razor flat against my face and then lower it until I hear the whiskers being cut. Once again, problem solved.

    Well, here we are and all this time has passed and I still I find myself reading all I can, participating much more and trying to pass on some of that knowledge I have imbibed over the last 15 months. But still through all that, every time I open this great forum and plunge into it’s dark recesses of shaving wisdom, I am reminded that I have sooooo much more to learn and even some stuff to learn again…………and again............ and again.

    This is as true for the veteran shaver as it is for the newbie. Case in point. I have had my OCMM for about 8 or 9 months and I have used it pretty regularly during that time. I would get decent shaves with it but about half the time I would end up with a couple of weepers and maybe some redness or irritation. Well, today I just had the best shave I’ve ever had from that razor and it was because of something I read yesterday. Nine months after I started using that razor, I read something that made it all come together for me.

    Whether or not you feel like you have something to offer, both newbies and veterans alike, I urge you to throw caution to the wind and don’t be afraid to speak up, because there is a good chance your question or comment will trigger that spark in the tiny recess in the back of someone’s mind that brings everything into focus and provides them with that bit of missing information that gets them over the hurdle and on to shaving bliss.

    So to my brothers and sisters of The Shave Den, I salute you and I beg, with the utmost humility, your continued contributions and dedication to the growth of our great TSD forum and the wet shaving community. We can never stop learning nor can we ever know enough, and if we think we have, the universe has a strange and funny way of letting us know that that, indeed, is not the case.
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    Great post! We should all be reminded from time to time that the journey isn't easy or the same for everybody. I still learn new stuff every week or so, and I've been wet-shaving for years.

    Let me guess, the helpful thread was the one demonstrating the "three fingered tip grip"?
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    Terrific post, Tom! Very well said, and spot on for the new guy or old hand! :)
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    BINGO! with the pinky supporting the bottom of the handle
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    Well said!
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    Very nice!
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    A mighty top tale Tom..:signs107:
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    Ahhh the ol' 3 finger tip grip.....Much used and talked about little....lol.
    Nice piece Tom....and congrats on a great shave....I bet you're going to be seeing many great shaves in your immediate future...:)
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    Yes, very good and honest. I've been at this since January and keep thinking "I've got it!" and then "What have I done to my face...again?" or even why not go back to cartridges. I thought I was the only one with the steep learning curve or the remembering and forgetting cycle.
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    Excellent discussion of the continuous learning process.
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    Well done, sir!
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    Reviewed this lesson first-hand yesterday, Tom. Thanks for the reminder that we're all learners.
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    Tom, congratulations on such a wonderful article. :) :smiley respect:
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    Very well written and expressed your feelings so very well.
    Tom I salute on a great article.
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    Lovely post! I'm bookmarking this one!
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    I've noticed this post is older, but not to me. Very encouraging post. Thanks for speaking up about this. I've noticed with others, as well as in my experience, that after a few months, where the most rapid progress is made, a point of back-sliding often occurs, again, as with me. Where nicks and weepers were increasingly rare, they raise their heads again. In my case it was due to unrealistic over confidence; started getting sloppy without the same focus I began with. It takes years to develop a second nature with this endeavor and keeping focused with a thirst for knowledge is paramount.
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    Great post, I feel like I just watched Braveheart and am about to go into battle! CHARGE!!
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    Excellent post Tom. I've been wet shaving for 39 years and every once in a while for one reason or another I seem to tear my face to pieces. Not paying attention, hang over, half asleep, who knows but it happens. It's nice to have a forum like this for excellent tips and to learn new techniques. In my opinion due to all of the different razors, supplies and techniques none of us are true pros and there is always something to learn.
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    Love it! You folks rock. :transport016:
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    Your excellent article could almost be my autobiography.
    I am still learning and experimenting and, yes, failing too often.
    But I enjoy every moment of the search and find.

    Thank you,
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