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    Types of Razors
    CC: Closed Comb
    DE: Double Edge
    OC: Open Comb
    OCMM: GEM Open Comb MicroMatic single edge razor
    SB: Safety Bar
    SE: Single Edge
    SR: Straight Razor
    TTO: Twist/Turn To Open

    Shaving Forum Lingo
    AD's: Acquisition Disorders
    -HAD: Hone Acquisition Disorder
    -RAD: Razor Acquisition Disorder
    -SAD: Strop Acquisition Disorder
    -SBAD: Shaving Brush Acquisition Disorder
    -SCAD: Shaving Cream Acquisition Disorder
    -SRAD: Safety Razor Acquisition Disorder
    -SSAD: Shaving Soap Acquisition Disorder

    HTT: Hot Towel Treatment
    ATG: Against the Grain
    BBS: Baby Butt Smooth
    CCS: Close Comfortable Shave
    DFS: Damn/Darn Fine Shave
    WTG: With the Grain
    XTG: Across the Grain
    SoS: Shower or Shave (of the day)
    SOTD: Shave of the Day
    NGA: Newbie Give-Away

    A/S: Aftershave
    ASB: Aftershave Balm
    ASM: After Shave Milk
    EdC: Eau de Cologne
    EdT: Eau de Toilette
    PS: PreShave
    PSB: PreShave Balm
    PSO: PreShave Oil
    SC: Shaving Cream
    SS: Shaving Soap

    General Internet/Forum Use
    AFAIK: As Far As I Know
    BTW: By the Way
    FS: For Sale
    FT: For Trade
    FWIW: for What It's Worth
    HWMBO: He Who Must Be Obeyed
    IMHO: In My Honest/ Humble Opinion
    IMO: In My Opinion
    LOL: Laugh Out Loud
    NB##; No Buy (last two digits of the year)
    PIF: Pay It Forward
    PM: Private Message
    SO: Significant Other
    SWMBO: She Who Must Be Obeyed
    WTB: Want To Buy
    WTT: Want To Trade
    YGPM: You Got Private Message
    YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary

    CA:Cyanoacrylate aka Super Glue
    CP: Cold Process soapmaking
    EO: Essential Oil
    FO: Fragrance Oil
    ISZ: Iced SubZero
    MUG: Menthol Users Group
    VIBR: Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum

    3T's: Taylors, Truefitt & Hill, and Trumpers.
    AdP: Acqua Di Parma
    AOS: Art of Shaving
    AV: Aqua Velva
    B&BW: Bath and Body Works
    CC: Captains Choice
    C&E: Crabtree and Evelyn
    C&S: Czech & Speake
    CRS: Cyril R. Salter
    DRH: D.R Harris
    DVH: De Vergulde Hand
    GFT: Geo F. Trumper
    GIT: Green Irish Tweed
    HBS: Honeybee Sue
    IP's: Israeli Personna
    KMF: Kiss My Face
    MB: Mama Bear
    MdC: Martin de Candre
    MWF: Mitchell’s Wool Fat
    PdP: Pre de Provence
    QED: QEDUsa
    RMWS: Robert's Method of Wet Shaving aka Method Shaving
    RR: RazoRock
    SCS: Saint Charles Shave
    SFS: Scottish Fine Soaps
    T&H: Truefitt and Hill
    TBS: The Body Shop
    TGN: The Golden Nib
    TGR: The Gentleman's Refinery
    TGQ: The Gentlemens Quarter
    TOBS: Taylor's of Old Bond Street
    TRSC/RSC: The Real Shaving Company
    TSD: The Shave Den
    VDH: Van Der Hagen

    BRW: Bob’s Razor Works
    EJ: Edwin Jagger
    ER: Ever Ready
    HD: Merkur Heavy Duty Safety Razor
    HMW: High Mountain White
    NDC: No Date Code
    NOS: New Old Stock
    SRD: Straight Razor Designs
    SS: Gilette SuperSpeed
    TI: Thiers Issard
    W&B: Wade and Butcher

    B&B: Badger and Blade
    SMF: Shave My Face
    SRP: Straight Razor Place
    TOS: The Original Safety
    TSD: The Shave Den
    TSN: The Shave Nook

    If you have any more to suggest please send a PM to Dridecker or myself.
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  2. Dridecker

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    Great job JoAnna! I know it took quite a bit of time to sort through the old list. :happy096:

    In an effort to keep this list as concise and easy to use as possible, we have decided to limit additions to the list to being done by the Queen and myself, so feel free to PM your suggestions for us to consider adding. :)
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  3. Dridecker

    Dridecker Sherlock

    Major revamp and new additions done to the list, kudos to @Neolithium for all his work.

    Thanks Justin! :happy096:
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