Advice on Spadson razor restoration

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by jgreenepa, Feb 22, 2020.

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    I am the owner of an obscure French razor the handle of which has plating that is worn down to the base metal (brass? Zinc?) underneath. It has a greenish color. I pride myself on being able to shave effectively with just about any safety razor. The only time I’ve run into problems has been when the razor itself is defective (ie my Rex) which was repaired and now shaves like a dream. This Spadson, I believe is defective, and I would like it repaired/restored. I have attached pictures. Can anyone suggest a resource other than Razor Emporium that I might use?
    C1D16D24-962D-4EF4-8B62-4FC75DB001FB.jpeg FCF38517-5AD0-4131-AED6-E626F9D4247C.png C9A7F27D-8320-4ABE-B963-640EA8AB5B03.png

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