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Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by TitanTTB, Apr 10, 2012.

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    Had my first experience today with Alpa 378 that I won in Moe's Bad Stinkum PIF.

    First of all I have to admit that I'm not very sophisticated with aftershaves and scents in general. I use witch hazel most of the time and have only used a few other drugstore aftershaves like Barbasol and Clubman before.

    Alpa 378 is made in the Czech Republic and comes in a smaller 50ml bottle that looks like its would be a great size for travel. It comes in a glass bottle which is nice to see and the glass has imperfections that I think gives it an interesting character.
    I've read a couple of other reviews that compare the scent to Irisch Moos. I've never used any IM products so I can't make the comparison. When I open up the cap I get a kind of powdery-medicine smell. It dispensed nicely into my palm. I didn't get much of a burn, but it felt nice. It has menthol that gives it a bit of cooling but not much, it also contains septonexem which I read is some sort of disinfectant. The powdery-medicine turned into a kind of a powdery-mossy, I suppose. The scent didn't last too long maybe 15 minuets.

    I've only used it one time but have to say that I rather enjoyed it, the Czech knockoff of a Dollar Store knockoff of an Avon knockoff of Aqua Velva is a winner in my book.
    Thanks again Moe!
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    That's a great description - like that! ;)
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    While I realize the description was made in jest, the 378 aftershave has actually been made since at least the 1950's and several reviews compare it favourably to Irisch Moos.
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    Anyone knows an European online retailer for it?
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    I see they're located in Germany.
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