Alpha & Wickhams Limited Edition Gothic Revival Brush and Soap!!

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    Guys and Gals - I have done a collaboration with a famous soap maker - many of you know him. Selling a superb brush I call Alpha Gothic. Of course you can grab a soap and a splash at the same time.

    What happens when you combine the finest knots currently on the market, with a one off Alpha crafted handle? A lot of excitement, that’s what. Available in a choice of 28mm knots. Super High Density 2-band Uomo Badger or the latest Synthetic G4. This is where upping your shaving game really happens gents. Please note: We only have a low number of these limited edition brushes. So please be sure to get them while you can, once they have gone there will be no more.

    Grab one here - CLICK!!

    Some photos....

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    Very cool
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    Great to see it hit the market!
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