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    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    @DrStrange I am sorry. Over in the Williams Users Poll I scoffed at you for taking six minutes to create a usable lather from Williams. The apology is because I made the statement and I have never taken the time myself to see how long I spend creating my lather from any of my soaps.

    Sooooo... this morning, damp badger brush, dry puck of Tabac, and a stopwatch all at the ready, I timed myself to see how long it took me to get a usable lather.

    Just shy of a minute.

    I will admit to overloading a brush because it's my shave and I'll enjoy it my way. I make three passes, because I can (not bragging), and I enjoy it. I make enough lather for 4+ passes because 1) I like to have the lather 3-4 inches thick on my face (not really, but I do like it laid on heavy. I don't want to see any skin peeking out from under the lather). B) I take the leftover lather and spread over my face as if for a 4th pass. I know many of the soaps have vitamins and moisturizing ingredients, so I let that sit on my face as I clean up, then rinse it off.

    As I've said about Williams, I refuse to fight with a soap to get a good lather. Soaps in my rotation include the Tabac, VDH Luxury, VDH Deluxe, 3 scents of Sterling Soaps, Kiss My Face cream (unscented - I like to add scented oils I've purchased from Brambleberry) and Proraso cream. I lather all the same, all with the same ease and results.

    I define fighting with a soap any time I have to do anything above and beyond what I did with the Tabac mentioned above in order to get what a lather I am happy with.
    Above and beyond:
    Spending more than two minutes to load a brush
    Adding water to soak a puck ("bloom" is a ridiculous term for soaking a puck, my opinion)
    Adding glycerin to add slickness
    Adding cream to add thickness (I will add the KMF unscented on the rare occasions I've left too much water in the brush, resulting in a thin, watery lather)

    Bottom line - what I consider fighting with a soap and what others may consider normal SOP, may be very different. It's your shave. Enjoy it your way.
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    I've been told that I need to add water incrementally while lathering Williams to get a decent lather. I've never tested this recommendation because off the length of time + the general pain in the *** of having to jump though an elaborate ritual to lather.

    ...Something I don't have to do with any other soap brand out there*. That being the case, I save Williams for dressing the linen part of my strop. Works quite well for the purpose.

    *I've settled on a handful of soap manufacturers that I like. I haven't tried most brands, but I've tried most established (+10 years in operation) brands. The only "old" brand that gave me as much trouble as Williams, is Trumper's. A beautifully scented, super expensive, round bath soap in a pretty wooden bowl. Imo.
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    I'm a big tabac fan myself.
    Then again I have Williams. I used it often till I discovered Arko. Maybe it's because I face lather but obtaining a rich usable lather from Tabac, Williams, Arko, Pinaud, Col Conk, Cello, MWF, Proraso takes me pretty much the same amount of time for all of them. I just start a little too wet and splay the brush out in a full fan and with circular motions watch the explosion... Geez I love shave soap :)
    I do soak the Puck (Bloom it)
  4. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    And how long is that?
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    Starts lathering on Friday and starts shaving on Sunday.


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    I used Williams for years. Then I discovered Arko, and that lead me down a rabbit hole of discovery. I have no desire to settle for just ok ever again. There are so many other brands I enjoy, and for me at least offer the sort of lather and scents i really like.
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    Never timed it but from the time I dip in the soap and finish lathering it's about a minute. Maybe a little more.
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